Monday, August 10, 2015

Post Pubescent Slavery Coital block

This is the coital block of the Post Pubescent Slavery pamphlet.  It covers Yuna and Carina having sex with their mutual slave, Qamar. 


Yuna's Yearning
Carina's Compromise


64 -  Of course we fuck!  What, you think I just spend all day jerking him off with my tits, or watching porn, and fingering him, or shit like that?  No, we fuck, and we fuck on a *very* regular basis.  We do play a ton of sex games, because I like variety, but almost every day that Qamar works with me, I'll make sure to fuck him at least once.  It's fun for me, and fun for him, but more importantly, it keeps him feeling loved and desired, which is something that I *really* think we forget about, when we're dealing with our slaves.  I never jumped on the, "sex is a reward" trend, when it came to my slaveholding.  Sex is an expression of the love that 2 people hold for one another, it's not some *toy* that I can give and take away, depending on how pleased I am, with my slave's performance.  If Qamar has had a particularly bad day, either with his work, or his attitude, I might not be as likely to play the fun games with him, but when the day's work is over, we're still going to go to bed together, and we're still going to make love, because he's my *slave*, and I *love* him.  I remember, back when he was first assigned to me, he was having a rough time with some of the less "hygienic" aspects of the job, since he'd just come from the sterile environment of the labs.  Sometimes he'd end the day filthy, smelly, and angry, but after a rubdown in the hot shower, a soft embrace, with the warm towel, and a night of clinging to me, as we shared our love and pleasure, with one another, he was more than ready to serve me, Carina, and Our Goddess, with his body, mind, and soul.

47 - Qamar more or less has free reign when it comes to my feet and legs, and of course, if he wants to lick me out, he's more than welcome, as long as there's nothing else that I need him for.  Fucking me, however, is special.  I know his other mistress holds an alternative view, but as far as I'm concerned, my pussy is a bonus, a reward, for when Qamar has been a very, *very* good boy.  I'll admit, the feeling of his cock, long and strong, warm and slick, sliding in and out of me, is... nice, but then, it's also nice when my girlfriend pumps me with her strapon.  It's even *nicer* when she goes at me with her well groomed toes, but that's neither here, nor there.  The fact is, as much as I do love Qamar, the whole "penis in vagina" thing doesn't really do that much for me.  He gets substantially more pleasure out of it than I do, so from my perspective, it's useful for me, as a motivational tool.  It's quite easy to quantify his work, and I've found that when I give him a quota, and offer him my pussy, as a reward for meeting it, he'll be *far* more efficient, precise, and productive, than he would be normally.  If I need to show him that I love him, or comfort him at the end of a tough day, I'll invite him into my bed, at night, and let him suckle, while my girlfriend and I stroke his hair, and tell him what a good slave he is.  There are many ways that a woman can comfort and show love for her slave, *without* jeopardizing her dominance over him.  

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