Monday, August 10, 2015

Post Pubescent Slavery Coital Retrospective

I actually wrote these differently than I usually do.  I pretty much ignored the pictures, altogether, and just focused on the characters, and their different approaches, when it comes to actual, coital, sex. 


The first page picture was chosen because Misato's face looked stupid(er) in the other ones.  I like that Shinji's all wrapped around Misato here, I feel like it complements the text very well, and shows the love that exists in their sexual relationship.
I may have overused the term, "fuck" in the first paragraph, but oh well.  It's something that Yuna would probably say quite a bit.  Not too great, though, for writing, it comes off too samey, like my 'of course' addiction. 
I like what I was able to do with making Yuna's approach towards coitus seem unique, and justified.  It's actually kind of a conservative approach, in that she's kind of treating her slave more like a husband here, than an actual slave.  So for Yuna, regular sex is a given, and it's actually the unique games, and acts, like paizuri, and the porno watching handjobs, and stuff, that are the bonus.
I think that this block, more than any other in this pamphlet, kind of sheds some light on the (idealized) slavery system.  Qamar is, primarily, a lab tech, and at least in my headcanon, he's a very good one, and is a huge boon to the Temple, overall.  They want to keep him around, and they want to keep him happy. 
Under the "original" slavery model, he would be given to Carina, and he would just be her slave, but since Carina is a Lesbian, with a long term girlfriend, and possibly a child, later on down the road, they also put him with Yuna, the fun, sexually liberated, "party slut" Housing Manager.  Every other day, he gets to relax with Yuna, let his mind rest, and indulge in his fantasies.  Sure, he might get a little dirty, or sweaty, in his Housing job, but he's got Yuna to pick him up, scrub him off, and fuck him silly.  Assistant Housing Manager is not a particularly complex or high impact job, by the way.  It is, however, humbling, to some extent. 
So the system, overall, is designed to make Qamar more loyal, in a femdom sense, to Carina, so as to maximize his output in the labs, while also giving him Yuna, and the BS housing management job, to keep him sane and happy, and also to keep him from getting a big head, over his lab work. 
I wouldn't be too surprised to learn that Yuna actually has a Bachelors in Psychology, and her main job is to look after the emotional and mental health of the Lab's male MVPs. 

So moving on, the second page picture was chosen largely because Ritsuko's face, here, is a bit less 'enraptured', and more 'amused'.  Shinji's feeling it, but Ritsuko looks like she's mostly just getting it.  It's a good picture though.  I like that you get a nice view of Ritsuko's tits. 
The text here is somewhat opposite to the last page, with Carina's viewpoint being more what you'd expect from a mistress/slave relationship.  There's a bit of space devoted to Carina's lesbian status, and her foot fetish, as well.  Some time is given to the idea that Qamar actually goes home with these women, as well, which is mentioned in Yuna's page, but it's kind of confirmed, here.  We'll be meeting Carina's girlfriend in the next block, but I think it's good that I was able to kind of introduce her, here, as a somewhat permanent element in Carina's life. 


So yeah, I like the way that these came out, I think that they really drive the story forward, even though the actual sexual content here, is kind of on the back-burner.  I'll probably have a bit more sexual narrative in the coital surrogate block, which is on Friday.  The outro will most likely explain the "dual mistress" model of slave-ownership, and what Yuna and Carina actually work together to do, in the context of that model.  Hopefully it won't require any sort of retconning.

Next up is Mommy Bubble 80's positions, which might end up being multiple blocks, or maybe not, we'll see. 

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