Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Post Pubescent Slavery Penetration Explanation and Blowjobs

This is the intro to the penetration block of the Post Pubescent Slavery pamphlet, as well as being the Blowjob block, of the same.


Perilous Penetration
Blowjob Bush-Leaguer
Blowjob Boss


pen - I'm sure you've probably noticed something while reading through this pamphlet so far.  Neither Carina nor Yuna have *actually* taken Qamar inside them, yet.  There is a debate over whether a Daughter of Lilith must allow her slave to penetrate her, or not.  Some prefer not to allow penetration, as it can stretch the vaginal walls, and make sex with boys, less enjoyable.  Others thoroughly enjoy feeling their slaves pound away inside them.  The Gospel itself is a bit vague on the topic, and there's evidence supporting both sides.  For what it's worth, I take *my* slaves all the time, and I love every second of it.  A few of you may have seen videos of my Chapter 58 ritual, where I demonstrate a particularly "low impact" method of taking a boy (or slave) inside.  For those of you who haven't seen it, I'll give a short summary.  I start with my normal erotic striptease routine, enticing the boy watching, as I disrobe, to a musical interpretation of Chapter 58.  The boy will start masturbating slowly, excited by my body, and the erotic nature of the song's lyrics.  Near the end of the song, I'll shimmy closer to the boy, give him my bare pussy to sniff, or lick, as he furiously pumps his prick.  I'll move down, shaking my big tits in his face, before straddling him, and taking *just* his tip, into me.  With his cockhead inside, I'll spend the remainder of the song gyrating on top of him, stimulating the most sensitive part, of his most sensitive place, while the music, incense, and of course, my own special brand of dirty talk, drives him right over the edge!  I actually get more boys, and slaves, asking for this particular ritual, than I get asking for sex.  Now, some of this is simply due to the very unique nature of the ritual, and my popularity as a dancer.  Much of it, however, can be attributed to simple male anatomy.  Most of the sensitive nerve endings on a man's penis are at the tip.  The shaft isn't unimportant, by any means, but it's nothing, compared to the head.  Likewise, the "mouth" of your pussy, is probably the quickest recovering part, as far as tightness is concerned.  It's also the easiest bit to manipulate, with your (hopefully trained) pelvic floor muscles.  I think you see where I'm going, with this.  If you're still not convinced, however, you can always have a surrogate take your slave, for you!  Many of our sisters enjoy a good fuck, and our slaves, quite frankly, are the best around.  Penetration isn't required, by decree of Our Goddess, but it is a lot of fun, it does demonstrate love, to your slave, and it doesn't have to stretch you out.  It's not something that should be automatically discounted.

57/58 - Qamar's been doing the Lilian thing for a while, and like most well trained Lilian boys, he keeps himself *very* clean!  When he's been pretty good for the day, I love to give him a special reward.  I'll get him all naked and stiff, flip the little bastard on his head, and feast on his delightfully smooth asshole, licking, and sucking, working my tongue in, I hit *all* the good spots.  But it doesn't stop there.  Once he's nice and opened up, or rather, once I've had my fill of his ass, because he's been doing this for long enough to know how to relax down there, I'll take it to a whole new level.  I'll cram my longest finger up his hole, and give his sack some love, taking his balls into my mouth, licking between them, and gently sucking on them, while his stiff cock twitches greedily, dripping precum onto his face!  When I've gotten him moaning my name, like a little whore, I'll finally give him what he *really* wants, a nice, wet, home for his bone.  Now, for reasons that I'll explain later, I only take his very tip into my mouth, but it's always more than enough, and with my deft tongue lapping at his head, and my dexterous fingers pumping him from the inside, my baby-like suckling will often net me the "milk" that I desire, within only a couple minutes.  Honestly, I'd love to take him deeper, but, well, I have a gag reflex.  I've done all of the exercises, and taken all sorts of "potions", and nothing works.  I can handle the boys, but a big guy like Qamar, is just too much.  I think he's okay with our "modified blowjobs", though.

41 - I love Qamar, I really do.  He's a very good worker, and a very good boy.  I'm glad that he's my slave.  I want the best for him, and that's why, when I heard that his *other* mistress wasn't able to give him deep blowjobs, I decided to take it upon myself, to please him in that way.  Now, I'm not *averse* to blowjobs, but they aren't exactly my favorite thing in the world.  I *am* a lesbian, primarily.  But, I feel that everyone deserves to have a warm mouth on their most sensitive places, every now and than, and Qamar, as giving as he is, in the oral department, is most definitely no exception to that!  When he's been a good, obedient, and helpful, little slave, I'll often reward him at the end of the day, with my hot, wet, mouth.  I'll start off simple, kissing his tip, and shaft, leaving little lipstick marks all over him, before taking him into my mouth, *rolling* my tongue around his head, and finally, accepting him deeply, into my throat.  I'll get all the way down to his base, holding my breath, as I nuzzle my nose into his smooth tummy.  We have a bit of an unwritten rule, during my blowjobs, that he's more or less allowed to "dominate" me, during them.  He doesn't often let himself go like that, but it's *amazing* when he does.  He'll grab the back of my head, thrusting deeply, making me gag, and choke, as he fulfills his own need, and facefucks his mistress.  When he comes, it's like a firehose, straight down my throat, as he doubles over, almost hugging my head, as his thick cock twitches, and spurts.  Yes, yes, dominant male.  But it's different, when he's your *slave*.  A wouldn't be able to trust a normal boyfriend to do something like that, but Qamar, my slave?  It's no problem. 

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