Thursday, August 6, 2015

Post Pubescent Slavery Penetration Explanation and Blowjobs Retrospective

These were fun, and relatively simple to write, even though it was slightly tricky to figure out how to do blowjobs twice, without covering the same ground.  I feel like I handled that issue quite well. 


The first page picture is a sort of pixelized version of Manya, from Dragon Quest.  I've made her my stand-in for Medea Circe, because I like the way she looks.  This is her regular outfit.  I decided to go with this, instead of a more revealing pic, because I wanted to use this particular picture of her, and I wanted to sort of show how she looks before she starts stripping and dancing. 
The text here is actually quite sexual, substantially moreso than the usual "mid pamphlet priestess explanation page".  I start out by restating some of the stuff about how the slaveowners have different ideas about penetration, but I don't go into as much detail, as I do on the first page.  This may or may not have been good, but whatever.  I don't like restating things. 
Instead, the main part of the text, here, comes from a combination of 2 sources, a striptease/bellydancing video , and a lapdancing video, that I sort of combined, and Liliized, because I wanted to give Medea Circe an actual sex scene, for once.  I like the way it came out, although I may have rushed through it a bit, so hopefully it came out well.  By the way, those of you who have played my game, or even just read a lot of my blog, probably know what she means by "special brand of dirty talk", but for those of you who don't, Medea Circe essentially has magical powers, that allow her to 'inflict' pleasure on people, through her speech. 
After the striptease scene, which, in retrospect, probably could have been longer, she goes through some discussion of dicks, and pussies, before extolling the virtues of fucking your slaves. 

The second page picture is actually an amalgamation of 2 pictures, because I wanted Yuna to finger Qamar, but I didn't want him to be coming.  It was a really easy edit. 
I liked doing this page, and the next one, because they kind of tie together, a bit, while still being totally different.  Almost half of this page, consists of Yuna not actually sucking off Qamar.  She does basically everything but put his dick in her mouth, and this is because, storywise, she has a gag reflex.  So, just like Circe suggests, she only takes his tip.  Good thinking, Yuna! 
I like the way this was done.  I get some more fun out of Yuna, which is always nice.  The whole, 'baby-like suckling' thing could have been phrased better, with less references to "babies", but whatever.  It's fine.

The third page picture was chosen because it was a deep throat pic with cum.  I needed a few more cumming pics, and I figured this would be a good one.  I kind of wish that there was a bit more going on with Qamar, but hey, we don't always get what we want. 
The text here, again, ties into the last page, and kind of follows it, in an almost linear fashion.  Carina shows her softer, more submissive, side, which is pretty cool, given what we know about her character, already.  I screwed up some thans and thens, but whatever, I'm not going back and changing it.  Maybe I will. 
It's interesting the way that she calls him a slave, over and over, while discussing him facefucking her.  It's an interesting dichotomy, and it's something that I really enjoy playing with.  It's like the rental submissives being dominant.  Sure, they're being dominant in the moment, in this scene, but after the scene, they go back to being little boys, and the women go back to being (theoretically) their mistresses, who are to be obeyed.  Even the dominance itself is submissive, in a way.  It's fun to play with.
The narrative here is just normal deepthroat stuff, I've probably covered it before, and there's some facefuck stuff, which I maybe haven't covered, but I feel like it was done somewhat well.  I kind of wish I'd had more space.  The "I couldn't do this with a boyfriend" thing is quite interesting to think about. 


So, there's the first bit of the penetration part of PostPub.  There will be a fucking block, of 2 pics, and a 'surrogate penetration' block, of 2 pics. 
On friday, I'll be writing/releasing either the titfuck/facial block, or the positions (1?) block, for Mommy Bubble.  Probably titfuck/facial. 

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