Friday, August 14, 2015

Post Pubescent Slavery Surrogate Sex and Outro

These are the Surrogate Sex pics, and the Outro, for the Post Pubescent Slavery pamphlet.  They cover sharing the slave with others, and give some context to the pamphlet, overall. 


Drunken Debauchery
Sobering Slavehood
Crippling Context


66 - My girlfriend, Noora, actually works with Qamar and I.  The two of them are similar in age and background, and they work well together.  I consider them both to be my slaves, although I do allow Noora to command Qamar, when I'm away.  When I'm around, however, things are different.  Noora was a bit of a "gold star" lesbian when I first met her, with no interest in men, *or* boys.  I had plans for her, however, and so did our Temple.  We *need* her to be willing and able to seduce a man, when she needs to.  I decided to start her training on Qamar, since the two of them already know each other.  Sometimes, when Qamar and I are playing our little games after work, or at lunchtime, I'll call Noora over, and order her to service our mutual servant.  She prefers to finger him, for obvious reasons, but I'll usually try to get her servicing him in a more "conventional" fashion.  One thing that I like to do, to get her used to the cock, is to trap Qamars cock between my calf and thigh, and have her suck him off.  I do spoil Qamar a bit, with my blowjobs, so I need to make sure that he's not trying to facefuck my slave, but on the other hand, Noora *does* need to learn.  With the bulk of Qamar's stiff cock securely held in the strong grip of my leg muscles, my little Noora is safe to practice her licking and sucking unmolested.  I'll gently coo instructions to her, lick there, now kiss the head, tickle him with your fingertips...  She's improved quite a bit!

69 - Anyone who's ever been trashed and horny at 3AM on a weeknight can tell you, the Acolyte Program is a *racket*.  Those boys are not cheap, especially the ones on night shift, and no mother is going to wake her son up so that your drunk ass can fuck him.  So, what's a party minded Lilian to do?  Well, when I go out with my girlfriends, there's usually an understanding that if we don't go home with a guy (or a girl), we'll roll back to my place, and give little Qamar a workout!  Often, when we get back, we'll be ready to *fuck*, so Qamar makes sure to be up and ready, when the bars close.  My main clubbing partner, Sascha, is a fiery young 20 year old who handles shipping and logistics at the labs.  She's actually not too averse to fucking men, which is great for Qamar, since she'll normally have a great time getting free drinks at the clubs, before coming home to the "sure thing"!  When the two of us get home, we don't waste time with foreplay.  We'll throw Qamar down on the bed, strip as much as we want to, and take turns coming all over his stiff cock!  I'll usually smother him with my tits while Sascha bounces up and down on his cock, and when it's my turn, Sascha, the slutty little minx, will usually plop down right on his face, and ride his wet tongue to another orgasm.  When we're all nice and satisfied, the two of us will pass out together in bed, while Qamar gets ready for work, or Temple, or whatever. 

outro - More astute readers have probably worked out that Yuna, Carina, and Qamar, were not randomly placed together.  The old, "single-mistress/low-skill" style of slave ownership, where as many as 5 slaves were matched, often randomly, to a single mistress, to form a "manual labor" work unit, is no longer useful for many of our industries, and was never really ideal, to begin with.  Our Temple Businesses have been trending towards more technology, and more centralization, for a long time, which means less workers, and more professionalism.  With less workers, we can focus on the individual needs of each, and devote more Nuns to administrating and managing their slaves.  Instead of having 5 slaves, each mistress can have 2, and the relationship can go beyond simple sexual release.  This new, "dual-mistress/high-skill" model of slave ownership, which is explained in more detail, in the text, "From Bunkouse To Penthouse" places a highly skilled slave in a gilded cage, surrounds him with female Lilian support, and allows his natural submission to drive him towards providing greater profits for his *mistress*, who he loves on a very *intimate* level.  This is not the "High Priestess driven" populism of old, the cult of personality here, is between the mistress and slave, *not* the slaves, and Priestess.  In the "Dual-Mistress" model, a slave is tested rigorously, and then matched to a specific Lilian *Priestess*, for apprenticeship under her, in the Temple Business.  In addition to his training, however, the slave has a second job, of substantially lower difficulty, but also, of lower prestige.  Cleaning works well for this.  He is matched to a *Nun* in this job, and her primary duty, is to provide for his morale, welfare, and recreation.  This division of labor not only allows the slave a mental and emotional 'break' from his more serious duties, but also allows the Priestess to focus her energy with the slave on work matters, while the Nun focuses hers on more enjoyable activities.  The Nun, who should, ideally, be trained in Psychology, fills a 'cool older sister' role, to the Priestess' 'stern mother'.  The two should be in contact, so that they can play off of one another.  If this model is excecuted correctly, the result will be a slave that is extremely productive, ridiculously submissive, and madly in love with the Lilian Faith.  It isolates each slave, which cuts down on unofficial unions, and distributes the High Priestess' workload, among her Nuns and Priestesses.  This model won't work for every Temple Business, or every slave, but when it does work, it can increase productivity exponentially. 

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