Friday, August 14, 2015

Post Pubescent Slavery Surrogate Sex and Outro Retrospective

So, yes, I just skipped wednesday, because I honestly have no clue where to go with the Mommy Bubble 80's pamphlet.  I've got a ton of sex pictures, but I don't know what to do with them.  There's no conflict, or anything, it's just them fucking.  I've got the prewriting, but for some reason, I'm just not confident using it, verbatim.  Hopefully I can do better next week, or when I start writing again.  I might be taking next week off. 


The first page picture is just the handjob pic, but with Asuka on top of Shinji.  I honestly don't know whether this was the best way to finish off the pamphlet, but oh well, it's how I did it.  I like the way Asuka is drawn, at least.
The text here gives a bit of story on Yuna, and establishes her as a party girl.  I feel like I probably hinted at that, but I didn't really come out and say it, at all.  It also discusses the idea that certain Lilians aren't really exclusively pedo when it comes to men, which is something that I haven't really approached, at all.  As an aside, most pedos are supposedly not exclusive, so the whole pedo thing is more of a fetish, than anything else.  So much for "pedosexual", right?  
I actually do a bit of sexual narrative, here, which is nice.  It's more or less the exact same '2 women having sex with 1 guy' story that I always do, but hey, how many FFM fantasies are there, really?  Well, the answer is many, or at least, more than like, 1, so I need to have more variety.
Sascha is supposed to be German, by the way.  Yes, I know, Sascha is a boy's name, like Sascha Konietzko, or Sascha Lobo.  But then there's also Sascha Ramos, and of course, Sasha Grey. 

The second page picture is the legjob pic, but with Maya sucking Shinji off.  I kind of wish she weren't wearing her NERV uniform, but oh well.  I like that Ritsuko is looking down at Maya here, I feel like it really sells the dominance and love between Carina and Noora. 
The text gives quite a bit of story on Carina, which is good.  It also reiterates the idea that the overall Temple has zero interest in exclusive homosexuality, for either gender.  Again, there's a sexual narrative in this page, after I introduce the secondary character.  Relatively dominant, which is nice.

By the way, Qamar means 'moon', and Noora means 'light'.  I just picked random names, but it's kind of neat that they fit together, a little bit. 

The outro page picture is just a different version of the last Circe page picture.  Honestly, I kind of wish that I'd either used those at the beginning and end, or something else.  But whatever.
The outro text is largely designed to give the context to this pamphlet, and explain the "idealized" slavery, in more detail.  Basically, explain what's actually going on, in the pages previous.  It also serves to expand the overall storyline, and explain that the Lilian Temples all have businesses attached to them, which help to fund the worldwide spread of the Lilian idea, and the Temple itself.  It also might partially go towards subsidizing the lives of the Temple members, so they aren't actually working jobs.
This outro will probably be really boring to those of you who aren't particularly interested in the inner workings of the Lilians, but hey, what else am I going to do with the outros, anyway?  I like the way that this came out, and I like that I was able to put some story about the Lilian slaves, and how they're basically considered to be a raw resource. 


So, we'll see if I end up taking next week off, I very well might.  If I don't, though, you can expect a full week of Mommy Bubble 80's, with some possible prewriting for Mennonite Molestation Madness on Wednesday.

Oh by the way, I was reminded today, of a porno that I found back when I was a teenager.  It's called "Veronica's Pin-Up Club", and it's essentially what I think of when I'm writing about "Temple TV".  I think the fact that it's old as shit probably contributed to that, though. When I think of the Lilians, I can't help but imagine them as being an 80's and 90's thing.  I can't really even fathom them existing post 9/11.
Here's a link to one of the episodes
Here's another link
This isn't a full episode, it's a compiliation of one of the hostesses

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