Sunday, September 6, 2015

Dual Mommy Healing Retrospective

Holy Hell, these were difficult to write, but I love the way they came out.  If you're wondering, I was sick on Friday.  Like shitting out both ends sick, so I didn't have the stomach to write /ss/ porno.  I'm glad I waited, too, because I think this is actually one of the better things that I've written. 

Also, before we start, the boy in this was written to have Attachment Disorder.  For the record, this is not how you treat Attachment Disorder.  This is probably the direct opposite of what you're supposed to do. 


Christ, look at those blank eyes in the first picture.  He looks like he just got back from the 'Nam, or something.  I had to pull a speech bubble out of this, but I feel like it's a really good opener.  It does a great job of hammering home the idea that this kid is damaged, and that blonde (I never gave her, or her wife, names) really does care about him, and love him. 
This first page doesn't feature Brunette, so I don't have to worry about writing for her, which is nice.  The main point of this page is to explain who Vincent is, and why he's got a thousand yard stare.  Blonde brings up the problem of Lilian women only adopting babies and toddlers, which, by the way, is a very real problem, in the Child Welfare sphere. 
But anyway, she kind of harangues the Lilians for not adopting older boys, asks whether they're in it for the revolution, or just for the sex, which would actually be a really interesting question to see answered, to be honest.  I imagine a lot of "Lilians", of both genders, would pretty much just be in it for the sex.

We move on, to a picture that features Brunette, and establishes that Blonde and Vincent have a sexual relationship.  Not much is going on, though.  I wish Brunette were doing something other than sleeping, but whatever.  I made the picture work. 
The text here is largely longform, because I needed to keep the story moving along.  I don't exactly have time to waste on frivolous chatter.  In my headcanon, Blonde is a Child Psychologist, who works out of a home office, and Brunette is her housewife... wife. 
The text largely opens with Blonde doing her Child Psychology thing, and giving more backstory on Vincent.  Then we get a bit of discussion about Brunette wanting a child of her own, and being slightly disappointed with Vincent.  We're still kind of in buildups and introductions, here, which kind of sucks, because we're halfway through the story, already.  I manage to get some sex in, at the end, although it isn't really too much. 

The third page picture finally gets both of the moms involved, and features some dual suckling, which is nice.  Vincent's getting more milk than he can even handle, in this picture, which is... nice? 
The text here moves the story forward, because I really need to move the story forward, at this point.  I like that I was able to kind of explain the picture, doing the "who what where why when how" thing.  I manage to both move the story forward, to have Vincent kind of "accept" Brunette, and also portray some sex, both lesbian sex, and a dual nursing handjob.  The "bone dry boob" and "dripping teat" thing is an attempt to vary my language, as well as give Brunette some character.

The fourth page picture had a cumming version, that I probably should have used, in retrospect, but whatever, I didn't, and I'm not going back and doing it now.  Overall, this is a really nice picture, and it's really the pic that originally made me want to do something with this author, and turn this set into a story.  By the way, the original work that these come from goes in some really weird directions
The text here really moves the story forward, because there was no fucking way I was writing any more for this.  Basically, Jules Vincent becomes a model Lilian, and everyone lives happily ever after.  Once I've basically closed out the story, I just do a bunch of sex talk, before not at all having any sort of conclusion.  Hopefully the sex doesn't come off looking rushed, and packed together.  The resolution of these images didn't really leave a lot space for written content, and this was not a picture that could easily be cropped for more space. 
Honestly, these characters are ones that I like, and the story is actually one that kind of has legs.  I wish I'd had more pictures of Blonde and Brunette with Vincent, but that's actually it.  Those 3 are the only ones, and the story is largely about Vincent coming to accept Brunette as his (other) mother, so I really need her to be in the pictures.  But wutevs. 

Next week, meaning, tomorrow, I'll be doing the next 2 Same Bed pictures, then on Wednesday, I'll almost certainly start the meat and potatoes of the Blonde block of the Mennonite Madness pamphlet.  Then, on Friday, I'll probably be doing titjobs and facials.  

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  1. I think you're doing a good job on the duel dialog.