Sunday, September 6, 2015

Dual Mommy Healing

This is a one off, which features 2 women, incorrectly treating a boy who clearly has Reactive Attachment Disorder. 


No Mom No Life
2 Moms, Some Strife
Suck Mom and Wife
The Love is Rife


 x01t - Vincent here came to me by way of Child Protection, and when I first laid eyes on him, I made a promise, to myself, to him, and to Our Goddess, that I would give this boy all the love, caring, and affection that he deserved.  After his mother "went to the store", his father started drinking heavily, and taking his anger out on poor little Vincent.  He wound up in the foster care system, and when I was looking for a boy to adopt, his file immediately jumped out at me.  What really struck me was how *long* he'd been in the system!  I *know* I wasn't the first Lilian to see his file, and quite frankly, it's shameful that a little one in need, like him, was passed over for *years*, in favor of babies and toddlers, simply because someone wanted to get "the full experience".  Are we an organization revolutionaries, or just a gang of sex crazed perverts?

x04a -
B:At first, Vincent didn't even like me...
G:Oh honey, you know it was never about like or dislike, he was scared!  The only mother he'd ever known walked out on him, and then, after a revolving door of "sleepover mommies", whenever his father was sober enough to get it up, he finally came to us.  He wasn't used to stability, and he probably thought you'd be gone in a week, just like the others.
B:I guess that makes sense, but it was still a bit disappointing at first.  You know, all my life, I've dreamed of having a boy to shower with love, and when I finally get one, he'll barely even let me hug him!  Meanwhile, he's on you like white on rice, suckling and squeezing as if he'd never have another chance...
G:Well up until that point, all the women in his life had been incredibly transient.  There's a very good chance that he truly believed that there *wouldn't* be another chance, I think he just didn't want to get hurt, by attaching himself to too many people, too quickly.  I think you did well, though, introducing yourself into our sexual activities slowly, and gently.  Holding his hand while he licked me, stroking his lower back while he thrusted into me, and of course, allowing him to watch, while the two of *us* had our fun.

x15a -
G:You know when he *really* started to open up?  It was when we started nursing him together!
B:I remember that exact day.  He came home, stomping and sobbing, saying that some girls had been bullying him at the schoolhouse.  They were really just trying to flirt with him, but the poor dear took it wrong, and ran all the way home, crying his little eyes out.  He went straight to your tit, *of course* but, well...
G:We hadn't been expecting him home so soon, so we'd been having a bit of fun, suckling one another between fingering sessions.  Normally, I'd have "regenerated" by the time little Vincent got home, but this wasn't the normal run of things, and as it was, I was running on empty.
B:He looked so disappointed, sitting there on your lap, suckling at an empty breast, making his bad day even worse... It was terrible, so I sidled up next to you on the sofa, and gently brought his sweet little lips to my still-milky nipple.  I remember wrapping my soft arm around his back, so that he could recline across the two of us, suckling from me, as you slowly stroked his stiffness to a very gentle, very loving, climax.

x16a -
B:I'm so proud of Vincent!  He's taken to the Lilian Lifestyle quite well.  He's doing well in school, he's quite active in the Temple, and when it's time to make love, he's *always* ready and willing.
G:I'm proud of him as well.  I remember when he was barely willing to give me a kiss, but now, he's naked and erect before he even gets past our foyer, and no matter *what* I'm doing, he'll always want to dive right in, and lick me to at least one orgasm, right when he gets home!
B:Oh, you act like it's *such* a burden!  My favorite moments are when we've got him between the two of us, on our bed.  Then, we can *really* shower him with love!  I can get between his smooth thighs, and give him a soft titfuck, while you dangle your big tits over his face, squirting your creamy milk into his waiting mouth!
G:Then, when we've finally got him all revved up, we'll take turns riding his big cock!  *Or*, if we're feeling adventurous, we'll get on top of each other, and let him jump between his two favorite pussies!  Sometimes, we'll start sixty-nining, and have him fuck one of us, while the other laps at his sack, or fingers him, before taking his hot load, straight down her throat!

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