Monday, September 14, 2015

Mennonite Madness City Bus Flashing/Handjob

This is the City Bus Flashing/Handjob block for Mennonite Molestation Madness.  It concludes the story of Blonde/Marcus being picked up by the girls. 


Municipal Strip
Municipal Grip


 1-3-6 -
P:You know, I hate that the people here don't ever *use* the busses, but I have to say, it is convenient for us.  All we had to do was motion to the driver, and he'd take the bus out of service for us.  There's a power in a union!
H:Most definitely, and once we knew there was nobody coming on the bus, we were free to take up positions on either side of our little bunny, and *really* sink our teeth in!  The first thing I wanted to do, was get his shorts down.  It was only fair, right?  He'd gotten to see *our* panties, up close and personal, but what had we seen?
P:Poor baby, I knew he had to be *beyond* embarrassed, pulling his little shorts down in front of two girls, with a hard-on, no less!  I thought we should try to put him at ease a bit, so I started taking off my top, showing off those big tits, and enjoying the reaction, when I looked down.  He was so cute, trying to cover it with his hands!
H:Oh yes, *poor baby*, getting a free striptease...  His sudden shyness was a bit annoying, all that "looking down", and "covering up".  So I, *somewhat* gently, turned his head to where it *wanted* to look.
P:Yes, *poor baby*!  He wasn't expecting this!  He definitely wasn't expecting you to start questioning him on whether or not he'd looked at his mothers in the shower.
H:I only asked, because I knew he'd done it.  Nobody gets their start as a peeping tom, on the bus, looking up skirts.  I'm just surprised that he'd never, well, you know.  *Consummated* his peeping.
P:Oh, my heart just sank when I heard that.  Imagine this poor, innocent, boy, reverently kneeling before a lucky indiscretion, *caused by Our Goddess, perhaps?*  He watches his beautiful young mothers frolic under the misty spray, giggling as they glaze one another in slick soap.  Hot... Wet... and this poor boy had to just walk away, frustrated.  What kind of sex-ed teacher *wouldn't* help him?

1-4-3a -
H:So I'll just go on the record here, and say that *I* wanted to just leave it there, tease him a bit more, and get to the meeting with the slaves.  You *keep* a BOL in your purse.  Just give him that, he'd figure it out!
P:But that's no *fun*... Come on, who wants to learn these things from a book?  The slaves can wait, *our* job is to rescue the innocent, from the lies of Jehovah.  I couldn't just leave sweet Marcus like that, needy and frustrated.  He tried to protest a little when I pulled his cock out, but a quick kiss shut him right up.  I knelt down, and started teaching him what to do, when those special feelings started to bubble up.
H:Yeah, quoting pretty much verbatim, from the solo worship manual.  I couldn't let him have too much fun, so I squeezed and tugged at his sack, telling him about how he'd be in *so much trouble* if Jehovah ever found out...  Well, I guess faith like that runs pretty deep, because he actually started to wilt a bit!  I knew you'd give me hell, if I ruined your little moment, Plat, so I switched it up, gently massaging, and tickling him with my fingertips.  To get his mind off Jehovah, I started telling him a story, about how, *if only he were Lilian*, he wouldn't just have to watch at the door.  He could go into the shower with his sexy mommies, and join in the fun!
P:You should pick your words more carefully, Honey.  *Of course* his next questions would be, "what kind of fun", and "what's a Lilian", and *of course*, I'm not just going to give him a pamphlet!
H:Oh come on, what did we learn on the dance circuit?  Always leave them wanting more!  But by that point, I think it was *you* who wanted more.  It was pretty obvious, the way you looked straight into his eyes, as he had his first orgasm, and then rubbed yourself off with one hand, while licking his seed off of the other!
P:What can I say, I'm a nurturer at heart, and I *love* to taste the first seed of an innocent little one.  Even better, if he's a fresh conquest, or soon to be converted!

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