Thursday, September 24, 2015

Mennonite Madness Fingering Retrospective

I'm just doing one pic this time, because there's 2 left in the set, and they're both interconnected, so it's just easier for me to do those together, and have this one be the odd man out.  I'll be posting some prewriting later, though, so it shouldn't be too bad. 


The picture here is decent, half of it was taken up by bed, so I was able to crank out a hell of a lot more text content in the top portion.  It's a nice pic, too, there's a lot going on here.  You've got Platinum fingering him, him fingering Honey, and Honey kissing him (which is nice) and jerking him off with her panties.  I like it, he looks loved. 
The narrative was heavily, heavily, referential.  I actually barely talk about what's going on in the picture.  I start out with Honey essentially saying what she's already said before, that she really loves it when boys submit to her, and that she softens up, when they do.  Platinum kind of goes off on a tangent about how her Sex-Ed classes work, which is a bit of story that I've really been wanting to toss in, somewhere.  Maybe this was the best place, maybe not, but here it is.  There's also a bit of story about the cells, and how they relate to the more regional temple.  That's something I'll be going into, by the way, in a different pamphlet.  I've got like 5 or 6 pamphlets in pre-production, right now.  I might not use them all, but I've at least got rough plans for them. 
Anyway, I move on to Honey, who gives most of the sexual narrative in her tiny, barely 400 character, block.  I wanted to give more characters to the whole "corruption" idea, and make it more obvious that Honey (in particular) is essentially goading Marcus into being more sexual with his mothers, peeping on them, jerking off with their panties, basically getting him to fantasize more about them, as sexual objects.  This is despite her initial disdain for harem-loving boys.  Probably most of it comes from the fact that Honey would, realistically, know exactly how Lilian Harems worked.  The boy isn't so much the master, as he is the slave, of the women involved.  She knows that he wants to steal his father's harem, so she plays on his lusts, and pushes him towards the apparently traditional Lilian courting ritual, of stealing underwear, and masturbating with them. 


So I'll be posting the first part of the Night Journey pamphlet prewrite today, and then the second part will come next wednesday, along with the single-page Mommy Bubble 80's outro.
Next up is the Mommy Bubble 80's lactation and facial block, which will hopefully start to kind of tie things up, for Ellen and Greg.  Next week is mostly Mennonite Madness.  I'll be finishing out the Marcus narrative on Monday, doing the Mommy Bubble 80's Outro on Wednesday, and then starting the Black (I'll give him a name then, too) narrative on Friday.  

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