Saturday, September 19, 2015

Mennonite Madness Union Hall Blowjob/Footjob

This is the Union Hall Blowjob/Footjob block of Mennonite Molestation Madness.  It introduces the wider Union Hall chapter of Blonde's arc, and moves the story forward. 


Union Hall Chomp
Union Hall Stomp


 1-5-1 -
P:I still think we should have gone into the Union Hall through the back, instead of just walking Marcus straight past the waiting slaves, and into the residential wing.  I'm pretty sure *they* were early!
H:Hey, our job is to "save the innocent", right?  The slaves can wait, right?  We were already going to be late at that point, so the least I could do was use Marcus to remind the slaves of their position, and make them think about what they actually wanted from us.  I still remember their eyes, full of envy, staring intently at us, as we walked on each side of Marcus, prodding him forward with our hands on his ass.
P:Oh, that lovely ass...  First I couldn't keep my hands off of it, and then, I couldn't keep my *lips* off!  Was it the roundness and softness, or was it the way he'd squeal and moan, when I'd take a handful?  Was it the way his muscles would flex, as he thrusted up into your warm mouth, or was it how his tight hole would contract and relax, as I tickled the soles of his little feet?  The world may never know <3
H:You and your anal play...  Are you sure you're not *really* interested in little girls?  All I know is that I wanted Marcus to *perform*, and that wasn't going to happen unless we brought him off a couple more times.
P:Come on, you didn't even have a *little* fun teaching him all the different pleasures of Lilian love?
H:Well, we weren't fucking him for sex-ed!  At that point, we pretty much *had* to convert him, and the easiest way to convert a pervert like him, is to just overwhelm him with every pleasure in the book, and then send him home nice and satisfied.  They *always* come back for more!

1-6-2 -
H:*Every* pleasure in the book!  It really does help, when you give them a nice variety of different sex acts.  Throw 20 fetishes at the wall, and see what sticks!  Back when I was still doing initial recruitment out of Group Homes in Boulder, we'd use a set of dice, with different fetishes, and spend the entire day just trying out new things.  It was fun!  With Marcus, though, we had to be a little quick, since we *did* have a job to do.  Since feet are the most common attraction, I figured it was a good place to start.
P:It's a *great* place to start, and the way that we'd positioned ourselves, nice and close, so that we could whisper little fantasies into his ears, was just perfect.  I know you hate the entire 'harem' thing, but really, he's probably going to be the main sexual outlet for his mothers, at least for a little while.  There's nothing wrong with playing off that fantasy, with a boy like him.
H:Well, we certainly did play off that fantasy!  Stroking him with our toes and soles, as we whispered to him about how he'd be able to get a hot threeway with his sexy mommies every night, *if only* he'd convert.
P:Really, we *need* to get him pretty deep into the poly fetish.  He's going to have a pretty rough time his first few weeks, when his mothers finally realize that they can demand pleasure from him, whenever they want!  He's a little trooper though, so he can handle it!
H:I have to say, he did surprise me.  After we brought him off, we leaned in close, wrapped our wet pussies around his smooth thigh, and held him down, while we took our *own* pleasure!  Most boys start panicking, when you do that, but little Marcus just laid there, placid as a lamb in the slaughterhouse.  He'll make a good sub.

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