Saturday, September 19, 2015

Mennonite Madness Union Hall Blowjob/Footjob Retrospective

Yes, I skipped Wednesday.  I almost skipped today, too, actually.  Hopefully I'll be able to get through next week nicely. 

Oh by the way, I changed the 5th page of Mennonite Madness, to make the picture larger, and put in the lamb/snake motif, to make Honey seem more predatory, and play off of the "lamb of god" stuff.  I also made a callback to the spirits that are supposed to accompany Lilian boys, to characterize Platinum a bit more.


The picture here was modified, both of them were, but it was a very simple cut/paste job, I think it took about 45 seconds, total.  I like the way they're kind of working together, here.  It's a good pic.
The text is largely an intro to this overall block, explaining that they just kind of blew off their meeting with the rebellious slaves, to fuck this kid.  They even went so far as to walk straight past the slaves, who were waiting in in the Union Hall, just to prove a point.  Whether that would actually work or not, is anyone's guess, but it does characterize them a bit.  Platinum wanted to sneak in through the back, maybe try to fuck Marcus quick, and then get to the meeting later.  Honey just said fuck it, and walked straight past them, as a sign of disrespect, and figured that she could take advantage their frustration later, to get a better deal, in the labor negotiation.  I think I'll return to that at the end of this block, just to provide a bit of closure to that subplot.
Moving on, though, we get to Platinum's ass and foot fetish, which are kind of characterizing in themselves.  I want Platinum to be far more sexual, which is why she teaches sex-ed, but I want it to be kind of like pansexual.  She's into everything, from men, women, kids, whatever.  Probably even cookware.  Honey is more practical here, getting him off so that he'll last longer, later, and also to give him a sample of a lot of different fetishes.  I expand a bit on that concept on the next page.

The second page picture looks a little weird, to be honest, but whatever, I still used it.  Again, I changed a face here, just a quick cut/paste, but it's worth mentioning.  I decided to show their pussies, because I wanted Marcus to still be kind of on the receiving end, for now. 
The beginning of the text gives us a little backstory about Honey, and kind of explains that she's handling Marcus quite methodically.  I think I'll be contrasting this a bit, with how she treats Black, in the next block.  I'm thinking she'll get a bit smitten with him.  At any rate, that's for the future.  I don't really expand on the actual sex act, here, mostly just focusing on the story.  I figure the sex itself is largely covered by the picture, although I do at least say that they're whispering in his ear, while they footjob him. 
The actual sexual narrative comes in later, when Honey starts to describe the two of them (heh) raping his thighs.  I continue the lamb motif, and characterize Honey as being a bit more predatory, and much more into the domination.  I kind of wish that I'd had more space to give this specific fantasy some more characters, but whatever.  It mostly would have just been spitting into his mouth, and biting his neck, and stuff.  Actually, I should have one of them bite his neck, at some point.  Really do the predator thing. 


So, I'm still in the process of prewriting the Night Journey Rituals pamphlet, but when that's prewritten, you can expect to see a pretty big post about it.
Next week is Mommy Bubble 80's, and I'll either be finishing out the entire pamphlet, or almost finishing out the entire pamphlet.  Expect before school blowjobs and after school fucking, lactation, titjobs, and facials, possibly tied in with some religious talk, and finally, the general outro.  

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