Thursday, September 10, 2015

Mennonite Molestation Madness Blonde Intro

This is the intro to the Blonde block of the Mennonite Molestation Madness pamphlet.  It introduces the character of blonde, somewhat, and expands the characters of Honey and Platinum.


City Bus Chilling
Mennonite Grilling


 1-4-4 -
P: Oh little Marcus, I liked him!  Such a great combination of youthful innocence, and primal *lust*, that drives me crazy.  As I remember, you didn't even want to pick him up.  You said that we had 'work' to do.
H: We *did* have work to do, remember?  We were reading the slaves' latest list of bullshit demands on our PDA's, and heading to the Union Hall to take care of them, when I glanced over, and noticed that little harem obsessed pervert staring up our skirts!  I just wanted to tell him off, not *pick him up*.  Reform Mennonites weren't on the list, remember?  More wives means more competition for us, *and*, the boys all expect their own little harems to play with!
P:Yes, but more wives, means more kids, and more kids, means more opportunities to build my harem!
H:Oh right, your harem, as if you don't get enough cock teaching those sex-ed courses, or shaking your tits around to get the slaves back to work, or just popping into their bunkhouse after the bars close...
P:Come on, you know it's not about cock, it's about making everyone feel loved and cherished!  If I get to have an orgasm or two-
H:Or three, or five, or ten...
P:The more the better!  That's all little Marcus wanted anyway, to share his very ample love with as many beautiful ladies as possible!  I'm glad he started with us, and quite frankly, I *like* it when boys look up my skirt <3
H:Well *I* like it when the boys have some subtlety to them.  Some nuance.  Some *deference*.  I could tell from that stupid fucking hat, that "little Marcus" was one of those Reform Mennonites, which meant that he'd have about a thousand mothers, most of whom would be brainwashed little fucktoys for the family patriarch, and of course, who is his *one* male role model?
P:You know, all I just heard was a list of reasons why these people need Our Goddess even *more* than the regular Mennonites.

1-2-4-B -
H:You know, I wasn't really planning on taking it any further than this.  Sure, he's a cute boy and all, but... All those mothers!  As it turned out, they came to Our Goddess quite willingly, but we didn't know that at the time.  It was a pretty big risk, and it *was* extra competition.  I don't even know why I let you talk me into taking him back to the Union Hall.  Hell, even flashing him was a risk!
P:Yeah, but it was a *fun* risk!  I love showing off like that, especially to boys that young and innocent.  Watching their eyes get all big, as they ogle you from tit to clit, boyhood stiffening in their pants...
H:Yeah, that's why they don't let you teach English Literature anymore.  You got too flashy, in every sense of the word, and your students ended up spending more time looking at you, than at their books!
P:But they had *fun*, and isn't that what being a kid is all about?  Anyway, I still teach English Lit, it's just *Erotic* English Lit!  I've got the best job in the Temple, and everybody knows it.  Getting into Sex-Ed was a *promotion*!
H:Right...  Anyway, I was just planning on teasing him a bit, telling him what a bad boy he was, doing the old, "Is this where you want to be when Jesus comes back, looking up girl's skirts on the bus?"  You know, the usual.
P:But that's no fun, and it's doing the Jehovan's work for them!  So I lifted up my skirt, and asked him if he wanted to take a picture! Then I shifted around, gave him a couple different angles, it was fun!  I just wish he'd had a camera on him <3
H:I have to admit, it *was* pretty fun, watching him squirm around in his seat, trying to hide his arousal, tripping over his words.  I always get a little softer when they finally submit.  I knew he wanted more, and he knew it too, but I just needed to *press* him a little, see just how submissive he could get...

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