Thursday, September 3, 2015

Mommy Bubble 80's Same Bed Block 1

This is the first part of the Mommy Bubble 80's Same Bed block.  It covers sleeping in the same bed, and wake up blowjobs.


Morning Good
Morning Food


06 - My little one and I had separate rooms, just like any Jehovan family, but after we'd slept together, well, it just made sense for us to *sleep* together.  He'd pop into mommy's room every once in a while, of course, during a storm, or when something scary came on the news that day, but usually, he'd sleep in his room, and I'd sleep in mine.  Well, after we had sex for the first time, that changed.  He still *had* his room, if he wanted it, but for the most part, he'd rather spend his nights snuggled up, warm and safe, in mommy's bed.  For my part, I welcomed him between my sheets with open arms, since it gave me easier access to his sweet morning wood! /// Most Lilian families, no matter how large, will make some attempt to share a bed.  Whether there's two mothers, a father, siblings, or whatever else, there will *always* be some attempt to share a single bed.  There are a few considerations, however.  Clothing, and whether it should be worn, is often quite a debate, between Lilians.  Sleeping nude can certainly be more comfortable, and it can encourage closer touching, for warmth, and pleasure, but in certain climates, or with certain partners, bedclothes might be better.  Another consideration is energy transfer.  Certain mattresses tend to shake, whenever movement happens.  This can mean that one family member's midnight masturbation, can keep *everyone* awake.  Sharing a bed comes with a few extra concerns, but certainly, the positives outweigh the negatives!

07 - Every morning, without fail, my baby gets hard.  You could set a clock to his cock!  If he gets up before me, I'll usually awaken to the gentle, rhythmic, motions of our bed, as he strokes himself down.  Sometimes, he'll softly squeeze or stroke my tits or ass, while he pleases himself.  It's nice to get a show like that, first thing in the morning!  If *I* wake up first, though, I'll usually take my baby's pants down, and give him a nice morning kiss, right where he wants it the most.  I often wonder what it does to him, whether the soft caress of my wet lips invades his dreams.  *Maybe* he dreams that it's Lilith herself giving him the pleasure! /// Just like "should you wear clothes in bed", "should you have sex with a sleeping Lilian" is a debate that has raged in our Temples for years.  On one hand, it *is* nice, very nice, to wake up and feel the warmth and wetness of a tongue on your nether regions.  But on the other hand, there's no real way to make sure that the partner in question is okay with what you're doing.  We normally just say that it's always okay for a mother to touch her sleeping son, but that a son should receive a prior go-ahead from the mother, before enjoying her sleeping form, *especially* if there's insertion planned.  There's usually nothing wrong with looking, and masturbating, but when it comes to, well, cum, it should probably go *not* on the mother's body. 

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