Friday, September 11, 2015

Mommy Bubble 80's Dinnertime

This is the dinnertime block for the Mommy Bubble 80's pamphlet.  It covers fucking while cooking, and using sex as a tool for emotional blackmail. 


Dinnertime Squeeze
Dinnertime Sleaze


018 - Like any good mother, I pride myself in taking care of my little one, and not *just* in bed!  Every day, I cook my baby a nice, hot meal.  I make sure to put all my love into the recipes, but there's *another* type of love that blooms, when I'm making these culinary delights!  I normally cook nude, aside from an apron, and my lover knows that whenever he gets that special feeling, he can come up behind mommy, and relieve himself.  Of course, with my sexy ass and dripping cunt staring right at him, I often find myself taking quite a few breaks!  He'll come up behind me, and wrap those warm arms around my tummy, his strained stiffness prodding against my ass, begging for my wetness, as his fingers move up, to grope and squeeze at my tits.  I'll finish what I'm doing quickly, to oblige his lust.  /// One of the many debates that goes on in our temples, is whether a boy has the right to request sexual gratification from his mother.  Well obviously, we *want* our boys to desire us, but with that desire, comes lust.  Your son, especially as he grows, will be incredibly horny, and he'll probably want sex from you, *all the time*, which can be distracting.  This has led some mothers to flatly say, "no requests".  This, however, is an extreme response.  If you don't provide sexual and emotional relief to your son, he *will* find it somewhere else, and once he's fallen into some Jehovan slut's honeypot, it could be difficult to get him back!  Therefore, instead of saying "no", say, "be quick", and give your baby the relief that will keep him safe, satisfied, and close to mommy.

020 - Cooking is hard work, so it's nice to take a little break from it, to share love, and exalt Our Goddess.  When my little lover comes calling, it usally doesn't take long.  He'll scrunch my apron between my tits, so that he can tease my nipples for a little while, before backing off, a bit.  When I hear that familiar sound of rustling pajama pants, I know to brace myself on the counter, and bend over, to present myself for his lust.  He'll quickly slide inside me, pounding my pussy like it's a toy.  With a final thrust, and a soft moan, he'll deposit his seed into my womb, and slide his pants back on.  Of course, I'm not going to let him go *that* easy!  After he's all loved up and docile, he's more than willing to help with the cooking, set the table, and even clean up afterwards! /// Yes, dear reader, I know exactly what you're thinking.  Shouldn't a Lilian son be helping his mother cook, setting the table, and cleaning up after, *without* the promise of sex?  Shouldn't the mother be the chief initiator, and beneficiary, of all sexual encounters?  To answer these questions, we must return to our covenant.  As we know, the son has a responibility to obey the mother, just as the mother, must love and cherish the son.  But pleasure exchange is a *mutual* responsibility, and even if it were not, there is no need for domestic tyranny, in the Lilian home.  Sex serves as a visceral reminder, for the son, of how much he loves and desires his mother, and that reminder will often lead to better behavior, and a more harmonious Lilian household.

Even if you're a vegan, as many of our sisters are, there's still a necessity to wear *something* while you're cooking.  A sexy mommy, totally naked, cooking up something delicious for her beloved son, is quite attractive, but oil burns can end the fun in a hurry.  You should always wear at least an apron, and possibly more, especially if you're working with oils. 

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