Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Mommy Bubble 80's Same Bed 2

This is the second, and final, installment of the "Same Bed" block, for the Mommy Bubble 80's Pamphlet.  It covers morning sex and what is really just Lilian Fajr prayer. 


Morning Lay
Morning Play


11 - When the two of us have a bit of time, we'll extend our morning fun beyond simple masturbation or oral.  First, I'll turn to him, and give him a deep, loving, kiss.  I'll crawl on top of him, slide his thick boyhood inside me, and lean down, to give him a taste of my sensitive nipples.  As he laps, his wet tongue playing over and between my soft tits, I'll spread my big thighs apart, taking him deep inside me, and start gyrating on top of him, grinding my tender rosebud against his baby soft tummy.  I lean back, driving my baby even deeper into his first home, before pulling myself off slightly, only to have him wrap his little arms around my waist, and pull back down onto him.  /// Many of our sisters find that morning sex is actually some of the best that they experience.  In the morning, especially the early morning, you're feeling warm, and snuggly, happy, and safe.  You're still a little floaty and dreamy, but you're also quite refreshed, from sleep.  Many Lilians are at their horniest when they first wake up, since they've been having sex dreams all night long!  Morning sex also serves to help keep Lilian families together.  No matter what happens during the rest of the day, whether the two of you shower together, or exchange oral pleasures before leaving for school or work, whether you make love after coming home, or just flop out on the sofa, and watch TV, you will *always* have that moment, in the morning, where the two of you share your love, and glorify Our Goddess' name.

04 - In the Eugene, Portland, and San Fransisco Temple Complexes, our priestesses lead their residential devotees, that is, the people who live in the Temple Complex, in a sunrise celebration of Lilian lust, masturbating together, right at daybreak!  Anyone in the Temple Complex can tune their TVs to the Temple's closed circuit station and join in, and it's a great way to start the day.  In Eugene, where there are *multiple* Temple TV channels, one channel will show the High Priestess relaxing, nude, in her plush bed, enjoying herself thoroughly, while another channel reveals what she's masturbating *to*!  Namely, *all* of the late shift Acolytes,  kneeling before her, and doing what all boys do, when thinking of their High Priestess!  I encourage everyone to stay overnight at one of these Temples, at least once, to experience this devotion firsthand.  There's really nothing quite like laying in your warm, soft, bed, fantasizing about a sexy little faunlet, watching your High Priestess do the same, and knowing, without a doubt, that everyone around you, is doing it too!  Just another one of the little perks of living at the Temple Complex!  You can emulate this devotion at home, simply by masturbating (or having sex) with your baby, as the two of you wake up.  It can be a little weird at first, if you aren't used to mutual masturbation yet, but once you've made it a habit, you'll just feel wrong all day, if you *haven't* done it!

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