Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Mommy Bubble 80's Same Bed 2 Retrospective

You know, I really wish you guys would actually comment on shit.  Fun Swapping and Dual Mommy Healing are both doing 'ironman numbers', but I have no clue whether that's because you guys like them more, or that they're just something new, or if you're checking the blog because you want to know when the hell I'm going to get back to the pamphlets, or what.  There's only so much these pageviews can actually tell me, and really, they don't tell me much.  Comments do.

Anyway, these were relatively easy to write, but actually figuring out what to write, was kind of difficult.  I'd actually said everything that needed to be said about sleeping in the same bed, in the last same bed block.  There wasn't a whole lot left to discuss.  I thought long and hard about it, and decided to spread a (morning) sexual narrative over 2 pages, and then have the first guide about how morning sex keeps Lilian families together, and the second one about different types of morning sex to have.  That plan kind of fell apart.


The first page picture was originally going to be something different, but there's just something about this picture in particular, that I really like.  I'm not sure whether it's the big booty, or the plump titties, but something about this picture just does it for me.  So I used it.
The narrative is about as sexual as it gets.  It's very linear, and very, very, detailed.  I don't usually write like this, but I figured that since this page was technically part of a block, and the intros were already done, there was no real need to treat this like a block, just because I'm writing it like one.  So this is just a straight sex narrative, no frills, no nothing.  Just sex.  I kind of wish I'd been able to make the sex narrative a bit more morningish, so it didn't feel so generic, but whatever.
The guide content focuses on how great morning sex is, which is decent, since I feel like we're more or less covering all the bases, when it comes to sleeping in the same bed.  Or at least, all of the positive stuff.  I feel like I could have cut down parts of the second paragraph, in the guide content here, and put in something else, but honestly, I have clue what else I would have put.

The second page picture was actually supposed to be the two of them fucking missionary style, on the bed, and it was supposed to be a continuation of the sexual narrative, but I didn't do that, for 2 reasons.  First, I kind of said all that needed to be said, in the first page.  Second, I came up with (and wrote 400 characters of) the idea presented on this page, and I couldn't fit it into the last page, but I really wanted to use it, so...
The picture itself was just a random (generic) one, since I'd used all of the images that would have worked, and for whatever reason, I didn't go through some of the other pinknoise works, and look for pics that would have worked better.
Anyway, the text content for this page is fully guide based, so it's just Heather talking about how great life is at the Temples.  I imagine there would be a generalized push towards residentialism in the Regional Temples.  People are easier to control if you've got them all in one place, and I imagine that the end goal of the Lilians, at least right before they kill everyone in the world, would be to have a more or less self sufficient compound, that the cult members never have to (or want to) leave. 
The obvious fajr prayer ripoff thing that I describe here, is just another form of "institutionalization of sex", which is a pretty huge theme, in the overall Lilian story, along with the "sex religion" thing, the incest, the femdom, and the /ss/ fetish itself.  They all kind of link into each other, but I feel like institutionalization is something that I haven't really discussed, as much as a lot of the other stuff. 
For example, I haven't talked about the sex ed classes, which really, would be a huge part of a Lilian boy's life.  I haven't really discussed who "volunteers" to take part in the sex-ed classes.  I mean, we know it's nuns teaching the classes, but who are the kids practicing on?  Would random women be paying, to get into those classes?  How do the orgies work?  There's a ton of questions to answer, and a lot of stories to tell, on the institutionalization front.

But I digress.  This page largely just discusses the Temple TV a bit more, establishes that it really is just in the Temple Complexes, and then gives a bit of fantasy, with the Lilian Fajr prayer.  I like that I was able to slip in that little bit about the leopard print bedding, I just think it's kind of funny.  Leopard print is beyond trashy, but it's kind of the good kind of trashy, I think.  It definitely seems like the sort of thing that the Lilians would go for.  Red lingerie on leopard print bedding, and makeup done perfectly at 6AM.  Yeah, that makes sense.  Anyway, this page, storywise, would more or less be like a sort of "but I don't have enough time to fuck my son every morning" kind of thing.  You can get yourself off in like 5 minutes (probably less), so there would really be no reason not to.


So there's the monday release, released on tuesday, because I'm kind of nocturnal, now, with my new work schedule.  So things might be getting released on tuesday, thursday, and saturday, now, in Europe.  That's probably still monday wednesday and friday in the USA, though, so I don't know.
At any rate, next up is the first real Mennonite Molestation block, I feel like I'm ready to start writing that now, and then later in the week, I'll be doing dinnertime sex, which will probably be 3 pages.  I'm saving titjobs, lactation, and facials, for last, because I'm going to do something special with those. 

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