Thursday, September 3, 2015

Mommy Bubble 80's Same Bed Block 1 Retrospective

Well, I'm mostly keeping to the schedule.  It's wednesday somewhere, right?  This block will (probably) have a second component to it, since sharing a bed is one of the things that actually got quite a bit of discussion among the old clearnet fempeds.  The site, unfortunately, appears to have been "tears in rained" by the wayback machine, which really, is kind of fucked up.  Now nobody can see how these people think, and identify where the issues in their arguments lie, so that we can prevent these things from happening, instead of trying to clean up the mess after the fact.  But "hurr durr me beet pedo" is more important, right?  Dumbfucks. 
If anyone's super duper curious about what the old school fempeds were saying, in my game, if you go to the Lilian Temple, and talk to the lady to the right of Medea Circe about the "Sensual Mothering Technique", pretty much that entire dialogue line is taken word for word from the old femped sites.  It's hardly a replacement, but it's something. 


The first page picture is pretty straightforward, and pretty nice, all things considered.  It doesn't really look like it's morning, but hey, whatever.  It works.  Not much to say about it, really. 
The narrative is largely just a setup.  I like that I was able to go from "sweet" to "sexual" here.  The 'and legs!' bit was a late addition, largely just to sexualize her demeanor a bit.  Hopefully it worked.
The guide content is where most of the meat of this page really is.  It's the standard femped argument, that a mother should sleep with her kids, and sleep naked with her kids, and if her kids start beating off, or feeling her up, great!  The whole "family bed" idea is kind of weird, but it gets even more weird when you strip everyone naked.  I tried to put some of the general ideas into this page, but for the most part, I end up focusing on the technical aspects, because as I said, the general ideas pretty much just boil down to, "fuck your kids like a madcunt at every opportunity".  So yeah, the guide content is largely technical in nature, but I feel like it gets some of that feeling across. 

The second page picture was originally not going to be its own page, but then I decided to make "Same Bed" a 4 page block, so the blowjob bit needed to be in there.  This picture is pretty fun, especially the one on the bottom right.  I'm not sure whether he's supposed to have come, but I think he does. 
You can set a clock to his cock!  Much has been said about the difficulty of raising a child by oneself, but Emma certainly appears to have a firm handle on making up stupid dad jokes, so I guess she's doing her double duty quite well.  The narrative here is very, very, sexual.  That's a good thing, but it is something that really just jumped out at me.  There isn't a whole lot of story here. 
The guide content isn't particularly interesting, but it is something that would have to be approached.  If you're sharing a bed with your kids, and everybody's sexually active with everybody else, some boundaries would have to be drawn.  I discussed sleep fucking a little bit in Bedroom Bukkake, but I didn't go into too much detail.  Also, I really wish I'd put something in about sleeping pills, with Bedroom Bukkake.  I think that having the mom in that story going to work as like a day hooker, and then coming home, popping xannies, and getting sleepfucked by all the neighborhood kids, would make for a very dystopic feel.  Alas, missed opportunities.  Anyway, I'm glad that I managed to get through the entire guide block without mentioning the word "consent".  I know some of you get all pissy about that term. 


So, next up is another one shot featuring two women doing a dual narrative, so that I can practice those some more.  Next week will start off with Mommy Bubble Same Bed 2, and then probably titjobs and facials, which will most likely tie into the Chapter 58 stuff.  Also, I'll most likely actually do the Mennonite Madness Blonde intro.  If I don't, though, I'll probably do the magazine intro pages for Sisters Special Young and Old, since I never actually wrote those. 

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