Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Mommy Bubble 80's School/Work

This is the School/Work block, for the Mommy Bubble 80's pamphlet.  It covers the morning and afternoon ritual of our model Lilian family. 


Morning Blow (Suck)
Afternoon Go (Fuck)


12 - As much as I wish that my little one and I could just stay together all the time, well, he is still a child!  He has to go to school, and while he's there, I don't want him getting too worked up.  Just to make sure he's nice and satisfied when he gets to the classroom, I'll give him a quick blowjob, before he leaves!  It's not *just* for his benefit, though.  When I'm alone at home, working on my sketches, I'll often get a bit lonely, and thinking back to his pulsating cock, pumping hot seed down my throat, helps to keep me sane while he's away!  ///  Pleasing your son before he leaves you, is *always* a good idea.  After he's tasted the sweetness of a Lilian relationship, he'll be more attuned to the attractions of women and girls.  This could cause problems, and raise questions.  It could even lead to his arrest!  You should make sure that he's fully satisfied, in every way.  A straying son is one of the leading causes of Jehovan oppression, among our many sisters.  When you keep him coming, you keep him close!

16 - I've got an alarm clock set for when my baby usually gets back.  When he walks (or runs!) through the door, I'll often be laying in our bed, nude, or partially nude, stroking myself gently, and imagining the fun that I'll soon be experiencing.  By the time he gets to our room, he's hard as a rock, and I'm wetter than a flood.  We don't waste time with pleasantries, he knows what I want.  He'll kneel down in front of me, and ram himself in, giving and taking pleasure, and rutting like an animal in heat.  When I start to get close, I draw him deeply inside, trapping him between my soft thighs, as my undulating cunt milks him completely, greedily savoring all of the hot cum that he's saved up, while he was away from home.  ///  Many mothers like to develop an afternoon or evening ritual, working off the day's tension, by having sex!  It's certainly better than downing a bottle of wine, or pills (or both), like so many Jehovan mothers.  These rituals also help to encourage both the mother and son to hurry home, since they *know* that there's a wet hole, or a stiff pole, just sitting there, waiting for them.  This keeps the maternal/filial relationship healthy, loving, and productive, and establishes good habits, for the future.  

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