Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Mommy Bubble 80's School/Work Retrospective

I was actually supposed to write this one last wednesday, and this monday.  Neither of those dates worked out, because I kept looking at this and just saying, "shit, what do I even say?"  Honestly, this is kind of a throwaway block.  It didn't really need to get made, and I almost just said fuck it, but I felt like the artwork was kind of begging me to do something with it.  So I did something, and this was that something.  It's a throwaway, but whatever. 


The first page picture had some extras stitched onto the side, because I didn't really write much for Heather's dialogue.  I feel like I did an okay job tying them in.  They're from the page right after the big picture, so it wasn't difficult.  I kind of like how the boy here looks a bit taken aback, like he's not really sure why his mother is sucking him off.  I feel like it subtlely suggests the clingyness of the mother.
The narrative for this page is essentially just the mom talking about how she doesn't want him to be horny when he goes to school.  Then she talks about his dick, because I wasn't sure where to take the narrative, really.  I misspelled "spurting".  Dang.
The guide content is about as sparse as the narrative, and is honestly, more throwaway crap that I've said before.  Just more "don't let your son go outside" stuff.

The second page picture is presented exactly as it came.  I kind of wish I'd been able to use the cunnilingus pic from this set, but I wouldn't have had a place for it, and it's kind of off topic, anyway.  The story is more about the son kind of getting his way, for the most part, and their relationship becoming more about sex, and less about anything else, so... yeah.  Hopefully my next block doesn't take that in the total opposite direction, and confuse the overall story, too much.  It might.
The narrative block presents a somewhat hedonistic image, of the mother laying on the bed, getting herself off, and the son just coming home, and wordlessly pounding her, with no love, or even acknowledgement.  Mildly negative, although in the next block, I'll probably be going in an opposite direction, so again, the story might get schizophrenic.  That's what I get for ignoring my prewriting.  Certainly hedonistic, though.  That was what I was going for, in this narrative.
The guide content is somewhat more substantive, essentially suggesting that the mother and son make a habit of fucking right after school/work, so that there won't be any "after work friendships" to compete with.  Again, the idea is to turn the mother and son into like a Mormon couple, who never ever talk to anyone aside from their spouse.  Do mormons do that?  Maybe the unhealthy ones do.  Anyway, "wet hole/stiff pole".  Those rhyming exercises that I do on the picture/text blogposts are paying off!


Next up, tomorrow, is the next chapter of Mennonite Molestation Madness.  I think the girls are fingering and handjobbing their prey, this time.  Fun.  Since I get Wednesdays off, and it's only going to be one pic, I'll probably finish up my prewrite for the Night Journey Ritual pamphlet, and post that, alongside the regular release.  Friday will most likely just be the lactation/titjob/facial block of Mommy Bubble 80's, but I might also do the outro, just to close that out, this week, so I can do the intro for Night Journey Rituals, next wednesday. 

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