Thursday, September 24, 2015

Night Journey Ritual Pamphlet Prewrite

This is the prewriting that I've got so far.  It covers pretty much everything, aside from the actual "motions" of the ritual, which will be covered in the next prewrite. 


So, how do I want to do this?  Let's start at the beginning.  The Night Journey is the story, written by Mother Sophia, of the revelation of the Gospel of Lilith.  Basically, she goes to Lilian Heaven, and various things happen, and she fucks lots of boys, and writes the Gospel, woo woo woo.  As an aside, I came up with at least the basis of this idea immediately upon waking up from a dream where I had a threeway with Pam Grier and Danica Collins.  Make of that what you will. 
So moving on, I was originally going to make this a purely text based affair.  I had a couple of vignettes in my head, that would be framed as excerpts from The Night Journey, and just written straight up.  I was originally going to use "Funto" as a Chapter 58 rituals book, possibly as a sort of second half, to the Chapter 58 pamphlet.  I decided that I wanted to make The Night Journey into an illustrated story, but it was pretty plainly obvious that there's no way to do that, without essentially changing the story, to match what's going on in the pictures, and possibly changing the way that Lilith herself looks, which I didn't want to do.  So my not so clever solution to this, is to basically just have the illustrations be about the rituals, but the rituals, like all rituals, *represent* different elements in the Night Journey story. 
This increases the complexity, on a couple of levels.  First off, I have to write the actual story of the Night Journey, or at least have an outline for it.  After that, I have to make rituals that both correspond to the big moments in the Night Journey story, *and* fit with the pictures that I have at my disposal.  This isn't the easiest thing in the world to do, but I feel like, if I pull it off, it'll be a really interesting and fun look into the Lilian culture.  By the way, from here on out, I'm just going to be using "Miraj" instead of "Night Journey".  I might do a find and replace later, I might not. 

Well, the first thing to do, obviously, is to tell the story of the Miraj.  So we've canonized before, that the daughters of lilith were once the daughters of gaia.  Mother Sophia, one night, decided that she would pray to Lilith instead of Gaia, and was taken to Lilith's domain, where Lilith essentially dictated the Gospel to her.  The story of this night, is recorded in Mother Sophia's book, called "The Night Journey".  That much is canonized, at this point.  What isn't really canonized, is what is actually *in* "The Night Journey". 

So let's start at the beginning.  Sophia prays to Lilith, and ends up in her domain.  Let's say she washes up on a beach, and a boy wraps her in a sheet, and takes her to Lilith.  Lilith then takes her around the domain, and shows her different stuff, interacts with her Lilians, and eventually wins Mother Sophia over to the "little boys are totes fuckable" side.  Then, Lilith gives Sophia the Gospel.  Very straightforward, but that doesn't really help us, much. 

Now, to Funto.  From my count, there are 20 individual pictures, that I can use.  Maybe a couple more, for intro/outro and special purposes. 
7 Group Sex (2 involving girl)
2 Lesbian [girl]
2 Bukkake (1 happy [no chara] 1 shocked [group])
3 Individual Blowjob [no chara]
1 Fingering [no chara]
1 Doggy [no chara]
3 Character Sex pages [each chara]

So, I've been thinking about it for a while, and I'm thinking that Miraj story will essentially be that Sophia washes up on the beach, and is initially disgusted with the boysex.  So possibly, I'll be using 57_10 for this.  The boys who find Sophia decide to give her a "tribute", which is just a nice way of saying bukkake.  So they beat off all over her, but she doesn't appreciate it, because she's a lesbian at that point.  Lilith comes by, and chides the boys.  Sophia is initially pissed, but also kind of curious, about why there are no men, and what Lilith is about.  So Lilith transforms Sophia into a loli, and takes her for a walk, to show her the greatness of the Lilian way. 
I'm thinking they set out from the beach, and go up a trail, towards the top of a mountain, or maybe just a hill, where a palace lies.  Along the way, there will be 3 major stops, and 3 minor stops.  The major stops are at cozy little cottages, which house the 3 earlier prophets of the Lilian faith, who are referred to as martyrs.  The 3 minor stops are just rando Lilian boys who want sex with Lilith.  I'll be using 65_18-67_20 for the cottages, and 59_12, 60_13, and 63_16 for the rando encounters. 
When they get all the way up the hill, they get to Lilith's palace.  There are a ton of boys there, and they all want to fuck Lilith, and so they do so.  I'll probably use 74_27, 73_26, and probably 71_24 for this portion of the story.  So they all fuck, but at some point, Lilith pulls Sophia away, to have lesbian sex in a more intimate setting.  61_14 and 72_25 are the obvious ones to use for that.  In the morning, when Sophia wakes up, she is her usual, grown up, self again, and eagerly welcomes oral worship, from the "lovely eyed bouri". 

So the next step is to create the ritual, but before we can do that, we need to figure out who our characters are, how they relate to the ritual, and how they relate to the story.  So it's mildly confusing, because the ritual actually consists of only 5 people.  There's the adult, a nun or priestess, but beyond that, there's a loli, and 3 shotas. 
The 3 shotas should represent the 3 martyrs, who were essentially the predecessors of Mother Sophia, but they also represent the boys that Lilith and Sophia meet on the mountain, as well as the boys on the beach, if I include that scene, and the boys in the Grand Palace.  So the boys get a lot of sex. 
The loli, however, doesn't, really.  She is mostly an observer, watching the adult participant closely, and learning from her.  I'm thinking that her role in the ritual is largely to be observing, and learning, from the Nun or Priestess.  So she's like a potential Nun, and the overall ritual is largely being done for her benefit.  She's the most important element of the ritual, but she's also the least involved.  Consequentially, the most important part of the ritual is actual the part where she and the Nun/Priestess have sex.  The boys are just props, *she* is the focus. 
The adult should be either a Nun, or a Priestess.  Her role in the ritual is largely educative.  Wow, that's a word!  Anyway, she's acting as a guide here, and her job is to ensure that the ritual goes smoothly. 
A large part of this, that I won't really go into in the pamphlet, is the role of the Monks.  Basically, they are the ones who are maintaining the shrines, that are involved.  Now, in my headcanon, these shrines aren't really shrines.  They're caches.  Weapons, drugs, whatever.  A monk lives underneath the shrine, and grows/synthesizes/machines Marihuana/Methamphetamine/Sten-Type-Firearms, and maintains the shrine as a sort of additional duty.  I imagine he'd be the type that would be doing roman salutes in the direction of a Lilian flag, every night.  A true believer.  At any rate, he maintains the shrines, and prepares the "refreshments" that are involved in the ritual.  The entire point of the little stops, in between each shrine, is to inform the monk involved, that he needs to ensure that the shrine is ready for action.  Maybe they don't have a stop-off for the last shrine, because the last shrine is actually a really fucking big cache, and this ritual is partially a test, for the monk involved.  He needs to be capable of detecting a small unit (of police?) moving towards his position, and the ritual is a type of logistics readiness inspection.

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