Sunday, October 11, 2015

Crone Strike Retrospective

Yes, it's like Sunday.  No, this isn't Mennonite Madness Black Intro.  On Tuesday, I was looking through abubu's stuff, seeing what he had, and I noticed the tattooed gilf missionary pic.  Now, gilves are something that I haven't given a lot of time or characters to, but they're kind of a big part of the Lilians.  Everyone gets old sometime, and I imagine the Lilians wouldn't want to quit fucking, just because they've gotten a bit long in the tooth. 
I'll probably be making other installments of this general concept, just picking women who aren't like traditionally attractive, and writing little vignettes that lionize their sexual prowess.  It's a good way to find a use for little bits and bobs that I can't make a whole pamphlet for, but that I want to use.  LazorChef is probably first up on that list, by the way.  I've been wanting to do something with his art for a while, but I also wanted to give it the attention that it deserves.  Expect like 3 or 4 different little stand-alones for his art.  I've got some big plans for those "amazon chubbies" sets. 


The first page picture is just a random abubu that featured a gilf.  Not a lot of artists do gilf, and even fewer do gilfxshota, but abubu does both, and he's a great artist, to boot.  Here, I just needed a gilfxshota pic, to serve as an intro.   As an aside, I dig the armpit hair.  Canonically, all Lilians are supposed to be hairy, but most of the pics don't actually feature this. 
The text here is largely just introductory.  It's explaining who the block is for, what it's supposed to be, and more or less just sets up the context of the story.  It's written persuasively, and kind of guilts the reader, a bit.  The assumption here, is that the boy is having sex with everyone but the older lady.  First, it tells the reader that they should repay the gilf's kindness with sex, and then it ups the ante, saying that not having sex with the gilf is like insulting Lilith.  Then, it brings it back a little, and talks about how good it will feel, when you finally do it.  Not sure how persuasive it is, but I did try.

The second page picture is kind of an oddity.  This is the picture that I almost used for the Lilian intro.  Now, I'm glad I didn't use it, because if you look close, you find that the gilf in the middle, is actually the one with the tats, in the later pages.  The ink isn't visible in this pic, but it's definitely the same gilf. 
The text is essentially the entire story.  Good old situation development.  There was some difficulty in doing this.  Basically, I had to introduce all of the characters, explain where they were, who they were, and what they were doing, and also tie it in with the picture.  I decided to kind of ignore the boy, since he's doing the talking, and use the two younger women as like, props, since I didn't really have the characters to do much with them.  Making the younger ladies lesbians did help.  There's not a lot of sex on this page, but I feel like what I did put, is a decent enough fantasy, as long as you don't actually know the consistency of breast milk.  I don't think it would actually make a decent lubricant, but whatevs.  I like that I was kind of able to give a lot of overall story about the structure of the Lilian system, and how the Acolyte program works.

The third page is the big one, that initially drew me to make this.  I like the tats on the gilf, here.  I feel like they characterize her a ton
The text largely follows the picture, and is designed as a straightforward sex narrative.  I tried to focus a lot on how she felt, and how it was substantially better than normal.  Hopefully I was able to get that across.  I didn't want her to start doing crazy shit, that isn't, you know, anatomically possible, but I definitely wanted her to be in full control of her pussy.  Her kryptonite pussy ;^)
It's a decent sex narrative, I think.

The fourth page is one that I really wish was in color, but whatever.  It indexed okay.  It's nice that they're holding hands.
The text is essentially Ruby's part of the story.  This is essentially the same pattern as windroot's block, even with the ridiculous hippie name.  Seriously, who names their kid, 'fireweed'?  Anyway, this page is essentially just an outro, that kind of ends the story, by giving the reader some context on who Ruby is, and what her relationship with Fireweed, and the Temple overall, is.  I like that we kind of get a better feeling for how the Lilians operate, and who they are, and all that.  We also get shades of the grimoire here, as well.  Ruby mentions praying to Manat, who presumably gives her the Kryptonite Pussy Power.  It's kind of just hinted at, though.  It's a decent outro.

Next week, I'll be doing Mennonite Madness again, starting the Black bloc.  Wednesday will either be another one-off, or the start of the Night Journey block.  Things have been kind of hectic these last few weeks, between convalescing, and then immediately having to handle my immigration stuff, but we should be getting back to the regular schedule. 

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