Sunday, October 11, 2015

Crone Strike

This is a one-off set, which is essentially supposed to be a little pamphlet telling cell and circle boys to have sex with the old women in the cells.


Crone Strike
Dual Dyke
Feel Spike
You Like?


51771681 - Think about the ladies in your cell.  There's your mother, of course, maybe a couple of her workmates, a college student or two, and perhaps a few girls your age.  But isn't there somebody else?  Somebody who you spend a decent amount of time around, but don't seem to actually *sleep* with too often?  She'll look after you when your mother's not around.  She'll take you into her home, cook you a nice, hearty, meal, and spoil you silly with candy, and sweet drinks.  When it comes time for bed, though, you retire to her guest room!  Even if you do join her in bed, you just roll over, and leave her to please herself.  Now, you're not an acolyte, and she's not your mother.  You don't *have* to sleep with her.  But isn't it nice to try new things?  Isn't it fun?  Furthermore, doesn't Our Goddess reside in the burning hearts of all of her female devotees?  Making love to a Lilian woman, is like making love to Lilith, herself.  By that same token, *denying* a willing Lilian that affection, is a denial of Your Goddess.  Now, Lilith is certainly the patient and forgiving type, but that doesn't mean you should take advantage!  Another question.  Have you ever found yourself pleasantly surprised, at the unexpected bliss, of a new sexual act?  Think back to your first prostate massage.  Did you think, initially, that it would feel *that* good?  In the next few pages, we will hear the testament of a young boy, just like you, who decided to leave his comfort zone, and explore lovemaking with a new partner, who he'd never previously considered.

7908 - It's kind of crazy that we'd never been together before that.  I can't even think of a time that I didn't know Ruby.  Some of my happiest memories are of the two of us, splashing around in the baths, or sniffing the different scented massage oils.  She gives great massages, but for some reason, she'd never given me one of *those* massages.  I'd never asked, and she'd never offered.  I don't think I'd ever even thought about it.  That all changed one night, when a couple of Lilians from Boise invited me into our Sauna.  Ruby was there, relaxing in the steam, after her shift.  The two ladies were lesbians, for the most part, but had come to our Circle's spa for the weekend, to have a session with a Portland Acolyte, who was touring the different Lilian owned spas in the USA and Canada.  One of the women had recently started lactating, and was talking to Ruby, about using milk as a type of massage oil.  She wanted to try it with the visiting Acolyte, but she wasn't sure whether it would work.  Both of them were so surprised, when I said that Ruby had never tried it on me!  Ruby asked if it was okay, for her to demonstrate how to massage me with the milk, and, not wanting to disappoint the two visitors, I said yes.  I was honestly, just expecting a run of the mill handjob, and I don't know why, since Ruby is our most popular masseurin.  She grinned widely at me, before gathering up some of the visitor's creamy milk in her hands, and kneeling between my legs, pumping, tickling, teasing, and squeezing, as I writhed and moaned.  The two visitors giggled, and stroked one another, watching Ruby's skilled hand and finger movements.  Soon, they were all over each other, and Ruby took my hand, and led me out of the sauna, to give them some privacy. 

5496_p1 - Our spa also functions as an Inn, and Ruby has her own room, there.  We'd cleared the place of Jehovans, for the Acolyte's visit, so the only reaction from the patrons of Ruby and I walking, nude and erect, hand in hand, back to her room, was some mild amusement.  When we got back to her room, Ruby and I kissed deeply, like never before.  My fingers ran up her body, my stiff cock brushing against her soft thighs and tummy, as I squeezed her pillowy tits.  We'd snuggled in her bed before, and I'd seen her nude before, but it was never like *this*.  She laid down on her bed, and I climbed on top, kissing the tattoo on her breast, before moving down to suckle at her nipple.  She brought me up, for a kiss, and held me close to her, stroking my back and sides, as we hugged, finally together.  A quick kiss, and I positioned myself to enter her.  She smiled up at me, tickling my sensitive forearms, and hands, as I slid into her.  That was when things *really* got crazy!  She was like nothing I'd ever felt, hot and wet, of course, but it was more than that.  Every time I pulled back, it was like she sucked me back in.  Even if I laid completely still, I could feel her rippling around me, from base, to tip.  When I pushed as deep as I could, it felt like a tiny set of soft lips was teasing and kissing at my crown.  Needless to say, it didn't take long, before I was wrapped around Ruby, whimpering needily, as I pumped load after load into her.  She just hummed softly to me, stroking my hair, and cradling me in her warm arms. 

5496_p2 - I've always really loved Fireweed.  I held him as he was born, watched him grow up, and taught him quite a few working skills, as well.  I was never *averse* to sleeping with him, but I didn't want to push it.  The acolytes come around pretty much every month, and there's always a few cuties around, in between.  I came to know Our Goddess in 1976, when Mother Sophia came to the Canyon County dyke bar that I worked at, and started chatting up some of the girls.  The two of us hit it off immediately, and over the next few years, we managed to sell the bar, and move out to Bannock, to open up our spa.  Folks came and went, but Fireweed's mother and I, stayed quite close.  When Fireweed was born, I made her a promise, that I'd always care for him, and treat him right.  When he finally came to me, for love, I thought back to my promise, and called out to Lady Manat, to help me make our first time together, the best that he'd ever experienced.  I used all of my skills, and all of my warmth, to give him a truly unique experience.  As he collapsed into my waiting arms, overwhelmed with pleasure, I made sure that he felt loved, and protected, and when he finally erupted, I used all of my control, to milk him completely, and receive all the love that he had to offer.  

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