Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Ishtar Grimoire Pages

These are the grimoire pages for Ishtar, Lilith's second in command.  They are very heavy on story, and very light on actual sex. 


The last officer you'll ever need
She'll satisfy your lust and greed


Before we discuss the officer Ishtar, we must discuss the history of the Ladies' Republic.  The name "Iraq" comes from the city, "Uruk", which was an *extremely* significant location, for the formation of the ancient Lilian faith.  It was in Uruk, that Lilith first met with Ishtar.  The two bonded over their shared love of young boys, and hatred of Jehovah.  They decided to combine their energies, to create the Domain of Lilith, as a nexus of resistance, against Jehovan aggression.  Ishtar is the last Officer that a Priestess will summon, using the 'standard' summoning methods.  This is because Ishtar is the second in command, to Our Goddess.  Once she is summoned, all other Officers will be obliged to assist the summoning Priestess, whenever they are called.  In order to summon Ishtar, you must meet a number of *extremely* stringent requirements.  You must be *physically* present in Uruk.  You must have very large, very *milky* breasts.  You must have caramel colored skin, and naturally violet hair.  These physical changes will come through previous summonings.  Your summoning partner must be a virgin, and he must be bonded to you, as your permanent slave.  You must be childless.  Both you and your summoning partner must have memorized the entirety of the Gospel of Lilith, as first part of the summoning procedure, requires the two of you to recite it, together. 

A night with Ishtar is quite tame, sexually, but extremely challenging, from a BDSM perspective.  Ishtar loves to pamper her male lovers, but she will also take them, quite literally, right up to heaven, with her.  In short, your summoning partner will be brought to the brink of death, by Ishtar.  It is important that *both of you* be emotionally prepared for this.  Ishtar will generally begin her session with a kiss, before laying her boy down, and enveloping his cock, with her full breasts.  She'll milk him like this again and again, until she's drained him completely.  After that, she'll feed him from her breast.  Like Nut, her milk is sedative in nature, but unlike Nut, she will only feed a boy in a dominant position.  He will be laying down, and she will be laying on top of him.  Eventually, she will begin to smother him, with her breast, as he drinks.  *She will smother him to the point of near death!*  When you awaken from your "summoning trance", *the boy will appear to be dead*.  It is very important that you not panic, when this happens.  *The summoning is far from over*!  To seal the covenant between Ishtar and yourself, you must recite the Gospel of Lilith, in its entirety, while holding your rapidly cooling summoning partner.  When you finish the final verse, he will awaken.  Summoning Ishtar is difficult, but rewarding.  Your summoning partner, upon the completion of the ritual, will never age past 12, and will be capable of calling down *any* Officer, to assist you in revolution.  In exchange for this blessing, however, you will become barren, and incapable of producing any children of your own. 

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