Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Ishtar Grimoire Retrospective

Y'all ready to get weird?  I hope so, because this is probably one of the weirdest grimoire pages that I've written.  There is so much storyline here, it's ridiculous.  I kind of tie this into Taisen, so those of you who have played Taisen, will probably pick up what I'm putting down here, story-wise.  Medea Circe, who's actually writing all of these grimoire pages, by the way, is probably the first person in the modern Lilian faith, to summon Ishtar.  Ishtar more or less chose her to usher in the revolution, and then take the throne of the Lilian Empire, with its seat of power, being in Uruk.  That's why she's in Basra, that's why she's such a big player, and that's why she's the one who kills off everyone in the world.  So yeah, I'm kind of setting up the story to be expanded upon, later. 

If anyone's curious, I kind of wrote an expanded story, as prewriting, before writing this.  I really didn't want to fuck up Ishtar, since I'll most likely be using her again, at some point. 
Ishtar Prewrite


The Ishtar pictures both come from a somewhat obscure Kloah set.  When I saw them, I knew they'd be perfect, since the woman is essentially my exact description of Lilith.  I didn't want to make her Lilith, because summoning Lilith seems a little excessive, but summoning her second in command, who just so happens to look like her, is perfectly reasonable.
The first part of this ended up being mostly an explanation of where the Lilians came from, and a sort of acknowledgment that there were ancient Lilians.  I've kind of discussed this concept before, but I haven't put a ton of effort or characters towards it.  Honestly, I barely even have headcanon for it, so...
Most of the rest of this page are listing off the requirements for summoning Ishtar.  There are a ton of them.  I had planned more, but, you know, character limits.  Basically, though, you have to be Medea Circe, to summon Ishtar.  I'm kind of trying to imply, by the way, that Ishtar is who made Medea Circe, Medea Circe.  Like, she was normal, right up until she summoned Ishtar. 
I also kind of state, here, that the summonings are designed to essentially turn the summoning Priestesses into a visual and mental copy of Lilith, herself.  Like she's "perfecting" them, through the summonings, and making them more like her, with each ritual.  Ishtar comes at the end of this process, and essentially blesses the summoning Priestess as a sort of "supreme representative" for Lilith, on Earth.  Presumably, any Lilian Empress, would have to go through this process, so any Lilian Empress would look like Lilith, herself.  It's kind of headcanon right now, but I'm trying to kind of gently push towards the idea, with these Grimoire pages. 

The second Ishtar picture is pretty decent, it's Kloah.  Kloah does like one thing, and that's monster booby titjobs.  So that's what we get, here.  It's pretty deece.
The text here has almost no real sexual content whatsoever, unless you're really into the whole smothering fetish.  I make a callback to Nut here, which hopefully y'all get. 
Most of this page ends up being summoning instructions, which... Eh, I wrote it, and I'm not rewriting it, so whatevs.  The summoning is essentially supposed to be kind of scary, when you think about it.  Also, it's supposed to be mostly something that the boy is doing.  I wanted to put something in there about how when he's "dead", he'll actually be in Lilith's domain, fucking her, Ishtar, and all of the other officers, basically doing his damndest to impress them, for his mistress.  I wanted to put that in, but I didn't actually manage to get it in there.  I guess I'll have to save that for the inevitable series of short stories that I write for the Lilian project, later on down the road. 


Next up is Black's first sex block, and then next week, I'll be doing something special.  It's a bisexual block, that is going to explore the concept of "Lilian Justice", since the whole thing is going to be written as if it were a prosecution testimony, in an official Lilian "Court Martial".  It'll be around 8 pages, and I'm really looking forward to writing it. 

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