Monday, October 12, 2015

Mennonite Madness Black Intro Retrospective

This was actually kind of difficult to write, which is probably why it's coming out today, and not last friday.  I just wasn't really sure how to introduce black, or explain what it was that they were doing, and all that.  I feel like I did an okay job of it, overall, but I don't know if it's really my best work.  I kind of get sidetracked a little, talking about the Boulder Bubble. 


I like the facial expressions on the first pic, although I really wish Honey was wearing one of those bikini tops that shows the areola.  I just think those are fun.  Even more fun, are bikinis that are designed to show off the areolas, and pubic hair.  In my headcanon, those types of clothes are all the rage, among the Lilians. 
Anyway, moving on.  The boy is actually named Elijah this time, and part of that was just me wanting to make a 'take him to heaven' joke.  I don't take too much time explaining his character, just that he's kind of a troublemaker for the Mennonites, but not for the Lilians.  He'll get a bit more characterization, later. 
I wish I'd been able to figure out a better name for "alcopops but with weed".  Alcopop is just such a good name, and cannacola just isn't, really.  Platinum continues to be in love with the slaves, while Honey continues to be the sensible one.  Platinum continues to consider the Lilians to be the greatest good, while Honey focuses on the mission at hand.  Relatively standard stuff, at this point, and hopefully it's being written okay.

 The second page is nice, especially if you like big booty.  I didn't realize this until now, but the picture does really go along with the text, what with Honey seemingly focusing more on wiggling her ass, while Platinum grabs a drink.
I focused a lot on the Boulder Bubble itself, here.  I may have overdone it, slightly, especially with the Colorado-specific in jokes, of which even the name "Boulder Bubble" is.  I'm not sure if anyone is actually going to understand the Carmex thing.  But I had fun writing it, and that's what matters, right? 
We learn quite a few things on this page, though.  First, we learn that Temples come from covens, which come from circles, which come from cells.  It's probably something that is implied, but it was never really stated.  We also learn that most Lilian operations of a certain size, have some level of involvement in soft drug production.  Pot and shrooms.  It's not a surprise, and it's not something that I haven't discussed before, but it's something that I'm glad I was able to state outright, here.  Additionally, we learn that Honey is a Colorado native, and a born Lilian.  I had originally planned to make them both converts, and I may have fucked myself over, a little bit, because when introducing them, I call them "dancers turned lilians", when I probably should have said "dancers turned nuns"
Okay, I just changed some "we's" to "they's", and problem solved.  They're both converts, but I'm thinking that they probably converted kind of early on in their lives, and I'm kind of thinking that they were probably underage, when they started dancing. 
Anyway, moving on.  At the end, I kind of move the story forward.  So at this point, nothing's actually happened, yet.  They've literally just called him over, and gotten him a soda.  We're like 5 minutes in, which is why most of the text in these, is just fluffy bantz between Honey and Platinum.  Anyway, Platinum gives him the soda right at the end of this page, and we see what happens, on the next page. 


Next up is....  Shit, I don't know, but I'll think of something.  It might be the first little part of the Night Journey Rituals pamphlet, or it might be another one-off, this time involving a priestess sending her acolyte, to recruit a prostitute.  Basically, she thinks that she's being hired to give the boy some 'sex ed', and he plays along, to give her a taste of femdom, before fucking her brains out, because he's an acolyte.  I might do all of it, I might do half, or I might do something else.  On friday, I'll be doing the next couple Mennonite Madness pages.  

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