Monday, October 5, 2015

Mennonite Madness Blonde Cherrypop

This is the cherrypop scene for Blonde, from Mennonite Madness.  It covers Marcus' first time with Platinum and Honey. 


Platinum's on her back
While Honey grabs the sack


1-9-4 -
H:You know, I can tell why all the guys like chain-fucking you.  You're *really* fun to watch.  *And listen to!*
P:You noticed, huh?  It's all part of being a sex-ed teacher!  When I'm running unit exams on my students, I have to keep them entertained, and enjoying the show, so they won't get all soft, from the anxiety.  I can't touch them directly, until the test starts, so I'll make a show of it, moaning and writhing, eyefucking each of them in turn, before moving back to the testee, and giving *him* some love.  Giving the other boys my attention makes the testee a little jealous, so he'll usually start fucking me harder, which *definitely* helps his score!
H:Well, I'd be lying if I said that didn't sound at least a *little* fun...  Watching all of those boys, all nervous, and timid, and *horny*, holding it in, just waiting for their turn to climb on top, and show me what they can do...
P:It is fun, and it's even more fun, when we get to the orgy exams!  I have to say, though, it is a bit refreshing at times, to just play with one boy, *especially* when it's an eager young virgin, like Marcus.  The little moment of confusion as he gropes around, looking for the right hole, the surprised gasp, when he finally gets it right, the awkward initial thrusts, as he figures out the right rhythm...
H:Don't forget the embarrassed apologies, when he squirts after just a pump or two
P:That's even cuter!  I was really hoping that Marcus would be one of those, but I guess we'd had too much fun with him, already.  I think he was trying to hold off.  He even pulled it out, trying to cool off, but he just ended up covering me in spunk!

1-8-2 -
P:I'm surprised you actually wanted a turn with Marcus.  You were the one who was all "we need to get to the meeting", and "reform mennonites are worthless".  I guess all that goes out the window, when the boy's in front of you, though!
H:Not even.  First off, I knew for a fact that you'd be running off to tease and pamper your beloved slaves, and we both know how long that takes.  Second, I couldn't be heading into the negotiation horny and frustrated, the slaves would use it to their advantage.  I have to make it *very* clear, that I take what I want, and I *get* what I want, on *my* terms.  Third, somebody has to teach this boy how to fuck like a Lilian, and as hot as your pillow-princess sexam routine is, it's not exactly what Marcus should be left with. 
P:Oh of course, Honey the professional!  I'm *sure* you felt only the ecstasy of revolutionary zeal, while you rode his cock <3
H:You laugh, but there's a reason why we do so well in negotiations!  I'm glad I stuck around to take Marcus for a spin.  The second time, I think he'd gotten a bit more used to the basics, and he was a bit more ready to let loose, and have some fun.  Lucky for him, *I* was looking to blow off some steam, as well!  I decided to teach him a little about pleasure and pain.  Nothing too crazy, but just a little bit of pain, and *fear*, just to make things interesting.  I *wanted* to slam him deep inside, digging into his back, with my nails, then throw him down, and claw up his chest, mark him up, make him *mine*.  But, you know, one of the moms would notice.  So instead, I just got him on my tit, and told him to bite me a little, while I somewhat gently, tugged and squeezed at his sack.  It got the job done.

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