Monday, October 26, 2015

Mennonite Madness Interstitial and Black Fallout

This is the interstitial element for Blonde/Black, and the next page of Black's storyline. 


Union Hall Intrigue
Lakefront Fatigue


 109_kaho_tatie_2 -
When the girls brought Marcus to me, I wasn't initially convinced.  He *definitely* was not on the list, and his lack of male siblings, wasn't helping.  Our sustainability model isn't designed for these sorts of massive harems of single women, especially single women without jobs.  Not only is it more mouths to feed, it's more cunts to stuff, and if the women have no money, they're not going to be buying a lot of time, with the acolytes.  There was also the issue of the husband.  It was a headache, trying to figure it out at first, but then, the newly converted mothers came to me, with their plan.  What they lacked in purchasing power, they more than made up for, in pull, with their shared hubby.  A harem of women is all fun and games, when they're each pulling hundreds of dollars out of the welfare system every month, but when that cash dries up, things can get real ugly, real quick.  The mothers decided to kill two birds with one stone, as it were.  Their plan was simple.  They all ganged up on the husband one night, haranguing him with problems, all requiring monetary solutions.  He went to bed fraught with worry, but his "first" wife, the only one who was *actually* married to him, allayed his concerns, with a clever scheme.  She convinced him take their checkbooks to Colorado, Nevada, Idaho, and Wyoming, cashing out for $2,500, in each bank.  When he got back home, he dutifully handed the $20,000 to his wives, who immediately stashed it in the Union Hall, and called the police.  The Mormon judge threw the book at Hubby; Interstate Bank Fraud, Embezzlement or Misapplication, and my personal favorite, Submitting False Bank Entries.  After a visit from a couple of our more *youthful* Nuns, the judge was persuaded to block the repossession of Marcus' home, and reinstate his mothers' welfare payments.  They're mostly just using little Marcus as their fucktoy these days, but every once in a while, one of them will pop in for a little fun with an Acolyte.

2-1c-2 -
H:I told you not to pick Lychee, and then I told him, not to drink it fast.  But does anyone listen to Honey?
P:Oh come on, you remember your first time drinking with a cute guy, right?  You just want to show him how cool and adult you are, so you pound a whole cup of rum, and then you pass out.  It's *normal*.  And it's fun, too!
H:Yeah, but Boulder Bubble is different from rum.  Rum isn't packed with a bunch of different aphrodisiacs, psychedelics, and euphoriants.  Rum doesn't make you drop to your knees, take your cock out, and start jerking off with your eyes rolled back in your head.  And really, Boulder Bubble isn't supposed to do that either...
P:Sure, he went a little overboard, but I thought it was sexy!  It's like he just couldn't contain his *lust*, like he was brought to his knees by the sexy sluts before him, and he was forced to purge the demon from his soul...
H:Right.  And what if the "demon" decided to start screaming?
P:Oh that's easy.  We'd just sit on his face, to shut him up!
H:Ah Plat, you've got all the answers, don't you?  I have to admit, as annoying as it is to take care of a tweaked-out, super-horny, little boy, it's definitely nice to find a kid who isn't afraid to let loose, and have a little fun.  One of the things about the Bubble, is that it makes you open up.  After Elijah came, he crawled over to us, and started gushing about how he hated his super-religious parents, hated being a Mennonite, and wanted something new. 

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