Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Mennonite Madness Interstitial and Black Fallout Retrospective

Yay, back to Mennonite Madness!  I really have missed old Honey and Platinum.  I'm sure you guys have, as well. 

A small note, I've started working on the /ara/ project, "Momcest Trainer", so I might be shifting to a Tuesday/Thursday model, instead of the Monday/Wednesday/Friday model.  Maybe, maybe not.  I'll be doing the regular schedule this week, but don't be surprised if you see less DoL stuff for a little while.  On the upside, though, I'll probably be learning some Unity, so when I finally do get around to making Joobachi, it'll probably be in something better than RPGMaker. 


The first page picture is the Union Boss with her apron off.  As the block continues, she'll lose more and more clothing, until she's totally naked.  Lead by example, right?  So this is the first one of those. 
The text here is a little troubling to me, since it's so... unfortunate, for the husband.  He really does get a raw deal, and while you can say,  "fuck him, he's a normie, why does he have like 8 wives", it's still kind of sad, on some level.  I did this, to show the ruthlessness of the Lilians when dealing with ex-husbands.  I've kind of needed to broach this subject for a while, but I never had a good place to do it.  It just requires a lot of characters, and I never had the space for it. 
At the very least, I guess this little block expands out some of the Lilian ideas on "uprising/revolution".  They're extremely covert, and subtle with it.  Really, if I were to write a story where the Lilians take over the world through means other than a killer virus, it would probably just involve bribing and blackmailing different legislators, to push a law through the courts, that legalizes their porno tapes, and then allowing them to spread far and wide, until everybody winds up Lilian. 
I like that I was able to have multiple levels of subterfuge, here.  First, the wives coerce their husband into committing a federal crime for them, then they hide the cash, and rat him out, so he can't possibly ever get away with it, or get out of it, through a plea deal.  Then, when he goes up against a judge who clearly has it in for him, the overall organization sends what are heavily implied, to be underage girls, to blackmail the judge, and get exactly what they want, from the state.  There's actually a very real question, at this point, as to whether the Lilians would even want a revolution.  They've got it pretty good, already. 

The second page picture is a bit nice, if you're the "women looking down" type.  I did a bit of work on it, just changing faces around.  I wanted Honey to look more bemused, while Platinum looks more concerned. 
The text for this page mostly just moves the story forward, so I can focus on the sex, when it finally comes around.  Not much to say about it.


Next up will be a little grimoire page, possibly 2 grimoire pages.  We'll see how I feel.  Then, on Friday, we'll be getting to Black's sex pages.

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