Friday, October 2, 2015

Miscellaneous Lilian Stuff Retrospective

Well, it's Friday, and I'm feeling at least a little bit better.  I'm not exactly looking forward to going back to work, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do.  This week's releases were totally different from what I normally do, but I did enjoy making them. 


Monday's release came from searching for "straight_shota harem" in gelbooru.  I was actually looking for a picture of a woman being serviced by a bunch of shotas, and name her something like, "Queen Bitch", and then have the songs all be like rap songs.  Basically, exactly what I did for "Freaky Femped", just with a different woman.  So I was looking for something like this, or this.  I didn't find it, though, because little did I know, "woman being serviced by shotas" is covered in the "gangbang" tag, and not the "harem" tag.  I even searched for "reverse_harem", which isn't even a tag.  So I looked at the 2 pages of /ss/ harem work, and just picked this one, intending to make the boy the 'main character' of the CD, and have the CD be about how much of a pimp he is.  Well, that's not exactly Lilian, so I changed it to what we have now.
5 Thick Bitches.  Not a lot of time or effort went into that name, but it did end up influencing the 'storyline' of this CD.  Basically, when I think "5 Thick Bitches", I think "2 Puerto Ricans, a Blackman, and a Dominican".  Strangely enough, I don't think, "4 Non Blondes".  Anyway, in my headcanon, the Lilians are like the vanguards of New Beat.  Anyone who is well versed in New Beat knows that it was very sexually charged, both lyrically, and musically.  The rhythms lent themselves well to fucking, which is probably why the lyrics were often completely about fucking.  In my headcanon, the Lilians have big outdoor dance parties, that quickly/immediately turn into orgies.  To fuel these parties, they need music that makes them want to fuck.  Enter New Beat.  Jade4u, Miss Nikki Trax, Erotic Dissidents, and other random combinations of Praga Khan and whoever was leeching off his cocaine stash that week.
Funny thing, Jade4u actually sang "Young Boys", by Lords of Acid.  Maybe.  It may have been the blonde girl from Thrill Kill.  I'm pretty sure it was the blonde girl who performed it live, but Jade4U is credited for the lyrics.  Anyway, the Studio 54 version, is the best iteration of that track. 
Anyway, the name for the boy came from an idea in my headcanon.  I imagine the Lilians would probably have at least one video series that just shows boys jacking off, and I figured "creamy little squirts" was a good name for it.  Since I'm not making video ads anymore, I figured I'd use the name here.  Notice the names of some of the characters.  They're all belgian names, because, new beat, but the boy, Papaver (Lilian name) and the seductive looking woman on the right, are supposed to be mother and son.  She writes the lyrics, so presumably, all the songs would be about her fucking her son every which way.  Just a little bit of story, that may or may not have been put across well.
I like the names that I picked.  Sort of.  I didn't go for a rhyming theme here, because I feel like that's kind of Freaky Femped's thing, and I want to make a couple more CD covers for her.  I more or less just made Lords of Acid sounding songs.  They're suggestive, but not quite as openly raunchy as Freaky Femped songs.
I'm just glad that I was able to make a "jacking" joke.

Wednesday's release came in two parts.  I actually wanted to use a Kloah pic, but there wasn't a corresponding solo pic, so I decided to use the 2 usable pages from a CG set about palutena getting raped by Kid Icarus enemies(?)
The first page follows the grimoire pattern, for the most part.  The first bit is essentially explaining where she came from, and why she looks more distinctly angelic than the other officers.  There actually aren't that many angelxshota pics out there.  I looked.  Hard.  Most of them are MGQ related.
Rafaela was directly based on Rafael, the Hebrew angel of healing.  So yes, this is blasphemy.  I tried to avoid doing this originally, but in the end, the people who would be offended probably aren't even going to be reading /ss/ porn.  I kind of turned her into a pot goddess, which should probably tell you where my mind was, while I was writing this.  Honestly, this one is kind of meh, because it's basically just a personal fantasy, that was transplanted into a page.  Or maybe I'm just embarrassed, and it's fine.
I think one of the best things that I did with this, was to make her power be 'vitality', and make her be totally on board to visit any boy who is convalescing.  In my headcanon, the High Priestesses, upon finding out that one of their 'flock' was injured, in a bike accident, or a dog bite, or whatever, would rush over, with like a 'gift basket' of different weed based consumables, kick the mom out of the room, and call down Rafaela.  The overly shrewd High Priestesses might start organizing the boys into rough sports teams, to 'farm' injuries.  There are quite a few directions that you could go with this.

The second page picture kind of ended up setting the tone for Rafaela.  She's an interesting character, kind of.  She wants her boys to be doped to the point of unconsciousness, and totally docile.  Is this a fetish?  Drug themed femdom?  I'm sure it is a fetish, but I don't see it too much.  I guess it's probably about as "edgeplay" as you can get.
For the blowjob scene, I pretty much just did a google search for "how to give the perfect blowjob", and then formed that into a narrative.

The pictures for friday's release are actually ones that I found while I was searching for pics for wednesday.  In retrospect, if I'd found both of them, I may have used those, instead of the ones that I did use.  I like the way it turned out, though.  Green haired pot goddess, and large breasted anti-apartheid folk songstress.
Auntie Jozefien, in my headcanon, is the Cape Town Temple's attempt at fostering a sense of unity within the South African Lilians.  In 1991, it became obvious that integration was going to happen in South Africa, and while I imagine that the regional temple would have been integrated way before then, the cells and circles may not have been.  Cape Town is a Temple that has a huge potential for really interesting stories, especially when you consider that Lagos (Nigeria) is the only other Regional Temple in Africa.  I imagine that they would be constantly be fighting over distribution rights to the different mail-order Lilian Cells and Circles.  There's a lot of potential for storyline there.
I debated whether I wanted to use "comers" or "cummers", for the name of the album.  I prefer, when I'm writing, to use "come" for the actual act of orgasming, and "cum" for the physical ejaculate.  The problem here, is that "open to all comers" is a pretty standard saying.  It's not particularly sexual, so I had to use the 'u' version.  The most boring paragraph of the year award, by the way, goes to this one.
The song names were sort of designed to be less overtly explicit than usual.  I wanted Auntie Jo to be a sort of singer-songwriter, like Jewel, or Alanis Morissette.  Or Lorde, I guess.  Taylor Swift, maybe?  I don't know these people.  Anyway, the themes are essentially supposed to be more maternal, and sensual, and espouse unity between Lilians, and seeing oneself as Lilian, as opposed to Boer, or Bantu, or Zulu, or Xhosa, or Lovedu, or whatever else.  The strategy, of course, would be to try and unite the kids first, and then they could drag their mothers along with them.  So the first few songs, brotherly love, and anoint my inner sanctum (lol) are essentially about that.  Two on tap and open to all cummers would be espousing the joy of taking more than one boy, which is a theme in this.  I imagine the Cape Town temple would try to make 3ways with one black boy and one white boy, a kind of trend or fad thing.  Probably only offer interracial pairs for the dual acolyte sessions.  Hairless in moonlight was a shameless ripoff of the song Dreadlocks in Moonlight, and under her mantle was a shameless ripoff of a catholic children's lullaby.  Always room for one more is just a group sex song, and imbeleko, which means "cradle" (among many other baby related things) in zulu, is the token african song on the CD.  As deep as you can go is just a sex song, referring to creampies, while the spice of love is a takeoff from 'variety is the spice of life'.  So like a pro-interracial song.  Drink from me together would probably be a gospel style hymn, and twenty little fingers would be a pro-threeway song.
I really like the font that I used for the record label bit, it's very ethnic looking, and yes, I know how that sounds.  I still like it.
Overall, I like the way that I did this CD, it doesn't have quite the 'specific' sort of storyline that 5 Thick Bitches has, but it still does have a storyline attached.  It's a bit of flavor, that sort of informs the reader that there was a Cape Town temple in 1991, and that it was just as embroiled in the Apartheid conflict, as the rest of the nation.  Africa is something that I should probably think about, for when I start writing more longform, story-driven Lilian material. 

Anyway, here's a video of Lords of Acid performing the original Young Boys live.  It's kind of insane watching a blonde woman in fetish gear and devil horns sing about fucking little boys, while she jerks off the stage equipment. 


Next week I should be back to normal.  I'll be doing what I was supposed to do this week.  

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