Friday, October 2, 2015

Miscellaneous Lilian Stuff

This is pretty much just miscellaneous throwaway fluff, meant to be fun, but not really meant to be a part of any wider story.  Basically, it's standalone flavor material, designed to be easy to write, because I'm not exactly in the right frame of mind to do real releases.


5 Thick Bitches
Rafaela 1
Rafaela 2
Auntie Jozefien


5 Thick Bitches is :
PINK Emma Maes - Vocals
BROWN Nina Vermeulen - Lyrics
GREEN Luna Dupont - Vocals
PURPLE Femke Desmet - Production
BLACK Amelie Verbeke - Production

Amsterdam is Jacking
Wet Leather
Too Many Tits
Buried by Boobies
Fingers Through my Hair
Deep Inside (Squirty Creamix)
Shaky Legs
Ten Toes for Two Hoes
Get You Squeaky Clean
Pleasure Play


002_012 - Rafaela, unlike most of our Officers, was actually a rival of Our Goddess, and a Jehovan, originally.  She was created by Jehovah to be an arbiter of healing, but over time, she came to the realization, that he had little to no interest in using her powers, aside from the odd party trick, every couple thousand years.  Her desire to ease suffering, led her to defect from Jehovah's domain, and take her rightful place, in the Revolution of Our Goddess.  Rafaela bestows upon her servants, the blessing of vitality.  A High Priestess who pleases her is all but guaranteed, to spend the next couple of months, in a heightened state of awareness.  She'll need less sleep, and be far more active.  Rafaela is a good choice for any High Priestess, and she's probably one of the most summoned Officers out there.  Rafaela is a missionary, in every sense.  She doesn't care what a boy looks like, his personality, or how religious he is.  She doesn't even care whether or not he's a virgin.  Rafaela wants to ease suffering, and so, she's open to *any* boy who is recovering from an injury, or an operation.  If it needs stiches or bedrest, Rafaela is on the case.  She doesn't have a "sphere of influence" so much, but boys with chronic medical issues, tend to fall under her tutelage, and so, develop a very generous attitude, towards their fellow Lilians.  Rafaela prefers that her boys be extremely sedated, so a strong Indica strain of spirit herb is recommended.  He should be in as little pain as is possible, and almost, but not quite, unconscious.  It may take a couple of tries, to get him to actually *say* the 'magic words', but when he gets it right, you'll know immediately.   

001_002 - Rafaela is a very oral Officer.  She prefers her boys to be mostly clothed, so that she can gently strip them, and kiss all over their bodies, focusing most of her efforts on the areas around their injuries.  She loves to dote on boys like this, cradling them in her arms, as they drift in and out of reality, only aware of pleasure, and relaxation.  If the boy start to show too many signs of cognizance, she'll simply shotgun a lungful (or two) of spirit herb into him, and then straddle him, gently stroking his hair and face, and gazing lovingly into his eyes, as he once again, slips into the temporary coma, caused by the spirit herb.  When he's in his safely tucked away in smoky dreamland, she'll continue to bestow her "healing love", onto his battered body.  Rafaela, as we've stated, is an oral Officer, and a missionary.  She's not interested in riding a boy to orgasm, or even *having* an orgasm.  Once she's done pampering her boy with a warm, wet, tongue bath, she'll focus on his cock, stroking and licking it to erection, before wrapping her soft lips around it, and taking it deeply into her mouth.  She'll focus first on a gentle suction, her fingers playing at her boy's sensitive tummy and sack, as she simply provides a warmth and wetness, to his *most* sensitive place.  She'll back off a bit, holding his boyhood in her warm hands, as she brushes and strokes his sensitive tip, against the outline of her lips, taking him into her mouth, between each revolution.  She'll lap at his head with the tip of her tongue, moaning softly, as she brings him to climax, and when he finally does come, she'll generally drink it right down.  It's almost impossible *not* to please Rafaela, as long as you have enough spirit herb, and when she's pleased, she'll deliver fuller lips, and whiter teeth.


1991 udade records
cape town sa

Auntie Jozefien
Open To All Cummers!

When it's you and me alone
Or if you're with a sexy friend
When it mixes on my tongue
It's always tasty in the end <3

open to all cummers
brotherly love
drink from me together
two on tap
as deep as you can go
under her mantle
imbeleko (nursing song)
the spice of love
anoint my inner sanctum
hairless in moonlight
always room for one more
twenty little fingers

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