Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Mommy Bubble 80's Outro Retrospective

It's such a small thing, really, but it does feel great, to finally remove the "unfinished" tag from a folder, in the omnibus.  It feels like progress.  It feels like victory.  Overall, I think I like how this pamphlet turned out.  I have to admit, I haven't actually read the whole thing, from cover to cover, as of writing this.  I mean, I've read it, obviously, since I wrote it, but not in one chunk.  I'd do it now, but... It's 51 picture pages.  That's 18 regular pages, 8.5x11.  Mommy Bubble 80's is no joke.  I really went all out on this one, and hopefully I managed to make a decent product, in the end.  Anyway, onto the retrospective.


I kind of bellyached a little bit over the specific picture that I wanted to use.  After all, this is the ending.  The conclusion.  It's what I'm leaving the readers with.  So it would have to be good.  I was originally going to use the picture of Ellen and Greg from the first part, except that they're naked, and I was going to color it.  Problem is, I suck at coloring things.  So my second thought was to use the colored picture from the first mamashotahen work, but that's just the mom and son dressed for Christmas.  These people are Lilians, they don't do Christmas.  So that was out, too.  Now at this point, I'd run out of colored pictures, so I could have used the naked picture that I was originally going to use, and just kill the white, like I usually do. 
But then I came across the bunny pic.  I've only ever used the bunny pics once, during the 'sexually frustrated' page, where Ellen starts drawing erotic bunnies.  But I saw it, and I thought that it would be a really great way to end it off.  It's not particularly erotic, but it's very personal, since it's the two of them, as characters in Ellen's bunny books, kissing, and in love.  Like a married couple, and that's basically what the Mommy Bubble is all about.  When you get past all the sex, and the rituals, and the cult stuff, it's about turning the mother and son into husband and wife.  So I feel like this picture gets that across, well.

The narrative on this page had to do a couple of things.  It had to 'end' the Ellen/Greg story, while also sort of giving some kind of overall wrapup.  I don't really know whether I did this well, but let's look.  I kind of start out by giving a summary of the overall story.  The first (more than) half of the pamphlet is foreplay.  They're not actually fucking, and this is kind of fitting, when you consider that Ellen has been waiting 10 long years, to fuck her son.  So the reader is waiting, too.
We move forward, to Ellen discussing her decision not to have another child (at least for the time being).  She explains that many Lilians do this.  I didn't really debate whether or not to put in the whole thing about "incest babies", I just kind of wrote it, and said whatever.  Now that I'm thinking about it, though, it would be kind of fucked up, and they probably wouldn't do it.  She basically says that she just wants to keep fucking her son, probably to make up for lost time.
In retrospect, I probably should have thought about the whole incest baby thing a bit more, it's actually kind of squicking me out, now.  But whatever.

The guide content is largely meant to expand on Ellen's narrative, and to really wrap up the pamphlet.  She basically commends Ellen on her choice to avoid a second pregnancy, and urges Lilian mothers to focus on raising their one child, before considering having an heir.  I don't really go into the obvious issue of, "there is no sex selection", because I didn't want to waste characters on it.
Instead, I focus on the concept of succession, and the role of the individual Lilian, in the temple.  The guide content kind of dissuades 'house-building', and extols a very community-focused concept of 'revolutionary sacrifice'.  No maoist quotes here, although I almost used a modified one, from the nahjul balaga.  Just ran out of characters.
I feel like I was able to wrap the pamphlet up reasonably well here, essentially telling the Lilian mothers to focus on turning their mother/son family into a revolutionary unit, to create wealth for the Temple, and recruit others to the cause.  This would be as opposed to the Mommy Bubble 90's approach, which tells Lilian mothers to focus on training their sons for their eventual release, to other, more qualified ladies, who would form a vanguard, which is discussed in more detail in Post Pubescent Slavery.  It's kind of interesting how this story is really starting to congeal together, to form a sort of unified and intelligible overall product.  Hopefully.


Next up is the first couple pages of Black's bloc.  I'll probably write and release the Union Boss' commentary separately, once I'm done with Honey and Platinum's dialogue.  Kind of like how I did the Nun Lifestyle pamphlet.  

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