Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Mommy Bubble 80's Outro

This is the Outro for the Mommy Bubble 80's pamphlet.  It covers the "proper" Lilian outlook on the goal of raising children. 


Not particularly conclusive


002 - It had been a long road, bringing my little one into the world, patiently biding my time, gently introducing him to the world of romance, and drawing him into my embrace, as my slave, my disciple, and my one and only lover.  Some mothers, soon after training their firstborn in the intricacies of lovemaking, will embark on another journey of maternalism.  She will have a second child, either by her son, or a carefully chosen slave of a different Lilian.  I chose, in the end, not to do this.  Although I must admit, there is a certain temptation to make my baby into a father, and there is *definitely* a temptation to produce a female heir, and perhaps I'll explore that further, later on down the road.  For now, however, I want to give my little one the full and unbridled love and attention, that he deserves.  No screaming babies, no morning sickness, and no stretch marks.  Just lots and lots of love, between mother and son.  /// One of the biggest mistakes that a Lilian mother can make, is rushing to create a female heir.  Training your son as a slave is difficult work.  It's a joy, but it's also a *job*.  It can really be a struggle at times!  There's no need to add to the difficulty, by throwing a baby into the mix.  On the concept of heirs, however, there is something that must be said.  We are not tribal warlords.  We are not garish aristocrats.  We are revolutionaries, and the needs of the overall struggle, must come before our desire for stature and prestige.  There's no shame in choosing a fellow Lilian woman, or even better, the Temple at large, to be the beneficiary of your estate.  We must remember that, as Lilians, our rewards lie in the domain of Our Goddess, and our legacy is measured in souls rescued from Jehovah.  Ellen Brauer is focusing on training her son to assist her, in becoming an arbiter of delivery, for the ladies of Namibia.  This mission glorifies Our Goddess, and advances her revolution.

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