Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Pornstar Recruitment 1 Retrospective

October really isn't going well.  First I got injured, and now I'm sick.  This blows.  Anyway, I'll be doing Tuesday and Thursday this week, and hopefully getting back to the regular schedule by next monday.  I'll be uploading the updated Omnibus on Thursday. 


The first page picture actually comes from the middle of the set, but there really wasn't a good intro pic, that wouldn't end up being a repeat.  Also, this pic is in portrait, so it shrank down well.  Smaller pics are always best for intro pages, because there's always a ton of shit to explain, and there's never enough characters to do it in.  I wish I hadn't been forced to cut off some of her legs, because I really like her costume, but oh well, we don't always get the things that we want, do we?
The intro here is a bit different from the rest of the set.  It's written by the boy's priestess, who probably won't be making another appearance.  Hell, she doesn't even have a name.  Her entire job is to set up the overall situation, explain who Jackie and "boy that I now realize has no name" are, and explain why they're fucking.  Really, the job gets done reasonably well.  I used way too many characters, about 200 too many, but I got across what I needed to get across.
This story, for anyone wondering, is heavily inspired by the recent drugs inc episode about drugs in the porno industry, because yes I do watch that show.  I thought it would be a fun way to use this set that I've been sitting on.  I love brown skinned women in leopard print, so I was really looking forward to writing for this, and that episode just jumped out at me.  They interviewed one girl who had gotten out of the porn and the drugs, by getting into a church, and I thought it would be really interesting to do that with the Lilians.  I've canonized the idea that the Lilians are into drugs, but I mostly have them stick to softer stuff, like pot and shrooms.  Mostly
So anyway, the priestess introduces the plot of the story, kind of does a compare and contrast of the Lilian and Jehovan porno industries, which was fun, and then starts on the narrative.  I feel like I did the narrative portion reasonably well, even if the story is a little clichéd. 

The second page picture is kind of like a secondary intro, or an intro to the narrative portion.  I really like the way Jackie's thighs are done, she seems... fertile?  I don't know.  But her outfit is the real standout here, I wish she'd kept that getup on the whole time, instead of doing the whole "leopard cosplay" thing.  It really does make her look super cool.  I picked this particular picture, because it seemed like the boy was kind of nonplussed at her explanations. 
This page starts the dual text.  I decided to do this in the longform of Mommy Bubble 80's, instead of the shortform style of Mennonite Madness.  I felt like it would go better, if I was able to sort of discuss how both of them were feeling, during the picture's action, and then the reader could combine the two outlooks, and get a solid narrative.  Now, the issue with this, is that I'm talking about their feelings, and not so much their actions.  This makes it a bit less linear, as a narrative, but in the end, I think the reader can fill in the gaps, using the picture, and their own imagination.  At least, I hope so. 
Jackie's narrative is focused on straight up narrative, to get the story across, while Acolyte's narrative is focused on introducing him, as a character.  I wanted her to be more fun and adventurous, while he's more studious, and serious.  I think this kind of draws a nice contrast, between what the Jehovans want from their sex workers (fun, spontaneity, and promiscuity), and what the Lilians want from theirs (professionalism, technical skill, and a generous nature).  Acolyte does get a bit of humanization, however, when he lets it slip that, yeah, he totally watches Smoky's pornos, and was looking forward to fucking her. 

The third page picture was essentially picked to add a bit of complexity to the plot, and to lead up to the ending, later.  I had another option, for this page.  I could have used a POV pic of Jackie's anteater face, sucking Acolyte off, but I decided that it would be way less interesting than this one.  You'll see why, on Thursday.  Also, you get monster booty in this picture, and in the other one, you just got anteater face. 
The narrative starts out with Acolyte this time, moving the story forward, without a lot of graphic sexual narrative.  Mostly, his portion is just him trying to explain away his embarrassing ahegao, and rude hand-on-head and leg-wrapping.  Also, I guess I just canonized that official sex-ed class starts at 6 years old.  I guess it could vary Temple by Temple, though. 
Jackie's narrative is mostly about how she's being seduced by the innocence of the boy, and the dominance that being with a youth affords her.  She mostly just waxes poetic about how she loves boycock, and then I canonize that the boys aren't really supposed to do the whole "hand on head" thing, during fellatio, because it's considered rude.  So since he's doing it now, she must be a crazy good fuck.

Which is probably why she's being recruited into the Lilians. 


If anyone's wondering, I based the character of "Jacqueline/Smoky-Swallows" on Penny Flame, particularly towards the end of her career, when she was doing more femdom stuff.  She was apparently more of a sex addict, than a drug addict, but I liked her stuff, when I was a kid.  Good HuffPo articles, too. 

Next up, I'll be doing the other half of this set.  It's another 3 page.  That'll be Thursday, and then I'll get back on the schedule, for next week. 

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