Thursday, October 22, 2015

Pornstar Recruitment 2 Retrospective

This one was a lot easier to write than the last one.  I'm about over my illness, too, so you can expect (and I know I say this a lot) things to get back to normal, next week. 


The first page picture required a little bit of adjustment, just the faces.  I like how this picture looks.  This really is a good set. 
Anyway, the narrative here progresses somewhat quickly, with Jackie princess carrying Acolyte to the bed, before running off to get dressed.  I like that I was able to give her character a bit more of a maternal slant, here.  Acolyte, again, is kind of the voice of 'reason', although he does have his moments, where Jackie overwhelms him, a bit. 

The second page picture kind of reverses the situation with the blowjob, which is why I used the BJ pic that I used.  I wanted to have that kind of dichotomy.  I kind of wish we saw more of Jackie's tits, but oh well, we don't.  I guess if you're really into leopard print, you'll love this.
The narrative starts out pretty slow, but really picks up, once Jackie takes the reigns.  I hope I was able to get their feelings across, here.  That's kind of what I was going for, more than the straight narrative.  I mean, the picture's there, right?

The third page picture finally shows off Jackie's tits, which is nice.  I flipped Acolyte's frown upside down, but I don't know if it made much of a difference. 
The narrative here is nice, I feel like it humanizes Acolyte a bit.  He admits that he kind of let himself go a little, since he was with a pornstar, and he ended up giving her a facial, which would presumably be kind of a no-no for acolytes, unless there's a specific desire for it.  Remember, the Lilians go to great lengths to convince their parishioners to even take it on their tits.  Anyway, they go to the bathtub, and Jackie takes over the narrative.  She provides the outro here, and it's a little bit rushed, but I feel like it does its job okay.  There's really not much to say, right?  She goes into the Lilians, and lives happily ever after. 


Next week, I'll be getting back to Mennonite Madness, so that'll be Monday and Friday, and for Wednesday, I think I'll be making some attempt to start the Night Journey Rituals pamphlet. 

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