Thursday, October 22, 2015

Pornstar Recruitment 2

This is the second half of Pornstar recruitment.  It features the bulk of the sex. 


Leopard on the pounce
Orgasms by the ounce
Quick bath, before you bounce


07_5 - The boy damn near passed out after he came from my blowjob.  I decided to give him a little break, before continuing his education.  I tried to get him up, but he was a little wobbly on his feet, so I figured I'd give him a treat, and carry my little prince to bed.  While he recovered, I decided to change into my regular dancing outfit.  I knew he'd like it, and when I appeared in the doorway, I watched with glee, as his boyhood flexed and grew, even before being touched.  He was deliciously passive, laying still on the bed, and holding on for dear life, as I bounced and gyrated on top of him, taking what I, at that point, *needed*, and enjoying what, at the time, seemed like an incredibly potent show of my own dominance.  I only learned, later, that it was an act... /// I could tell that Smoky was really enjoying doing the 'sexy teacher' thing.  Most women do, actually.  Since that seemed to be my best route for recruitment, I decided to take it to its natural conclusion.  The truth is, I *was* a little out of it, after her blowjob, but I played it straight, and I made sure to cling to her like a baby, when she picked me up.  I thought we'd snuggle a little, and get back to the sex, but when she sauntered in, wearing her costume, I was only *barely* able to stay in character!  It's was really kind of nice, being on the receiving end for once.  Usually, it's *me* who's wearing the sexy outfits!

08_1/08_3 - After coming inside Smoky, I checked the clock.  It was starting to near the second half of our session, and I still hadn't even *mentioned* Lilith.  I needed to move the recruitment forward.  I noticed that Smoky had come, right around when I did, but it wasn't the screaming, squirting, writhing, sort of orgasm, that I usually bring out of my clients.  As Smoky collapsed on the bed next to me, she noticed that I was still hard.  In my sweetest little puppy-dog voice, I asked her if I could try being on top.  When she said yes, I put my acolyte hat back on, and treated her just like one of my clients.  /// When he didn't get soft after our first fuck, I *kind of* realized that something was up with this boy, but it didn't really 'click'.  He mounted me, and I was pretty much just expecting your normal, run of the mill, awkward virgin thrusting.  What I got instead, was 4 different positions, a boy who *clearly* knew how to match his rhythms to my reactions, and orgasms whose count, I quickly lost track of.  Either I was the best sex-ed teacher in the universe, or this boy never needed sex-ed in the first place!  For a couple of minutes, I tried to figure out what was going on, but very quickly, I stopped caring.  It just felt too good! 

05 - We fucked for a while.  A *long* while.  Once I'd gotten started, I started to get really into it, partially because Smoky is *really* attractive, but partially because I'd seen so many of her videos, and *enjoyed* so many of her videos, that I kind of wanted to leave a lasting impact.  All good tings must come to an end, though, and sex is definitely no exception.  I got a little carried away at the end, and gave her the "hollywood" ending, pulling out, so I could drench her face with my spunk.  Naturally, with both of us covered in sweat, and her covered in cum, we needed a bath.  Luckily, though, we had just enough time to relax in the tub, and talk about Our Goddess. /// When he gave me a money shot, I knew this kid had seen my movies.  All of them end with the guy finishing either in my mouth, or on my face, and me swallowing his cum.  Smoky Swallows, right?  Honestly, it's kind of a shit gimmick, and I usually hate doing it, but there was just something about this boy, and getting it from *him*, that made it okay, and even enjoyable.  After getting most of his cum down my throat, we kind of carried each other over to the bathtub, to get washed up.  We still had an hour on the clock.  I asked him where he'd learned to fuck like that, and do facials, and *why*, exactly, was he pretending to need sex-ed?  He leveled with me, telling me all about his Goddess, his job as an acolyte, and why I should convert.  Well, it didn't take much convincing, and now I'm off the dope, out of the industry, and on my way to becoming a Lilian Nun!

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