Monday, November 9, 2015

Lilian Justice [BISEXUAL] 1 Retrospective

Rage!  Anger!  Betrayal!  Yes, this is the bisexual pamphlet, and I don't think I'll be doing too many others.  I've been wanting to do a bisexual block for a while, but I decided to squirrel this set away, for when I could find something to do with it.  You know, like an actual idea, as opposed to just cranking out a straightforward faggotry story.  So I'm glad that I was able to figure out some way to make the bisexual block special.
I know some of you won't like this, but it'll be over soon, so just take deep breaths, and try to stop clenching. 

By the way, I took a break last week, just to recharge my creative juices.  You all know the drill by now.  I do this every so often, and it really does help.


The first page picture isn't a picture at all.  It's just the Lilian logo, with the earth from the UN logo superimposed onto it.  I figured it was a good way to kind of say, "this is a special thing".  It's supposed to represent the Lilian Temple Congress, which is the regulatory body for the global Lilian movement.
Yay, bureaucracy!  That's what this whole set is supposed to be.  Expanding the storyline of how the Lilians deal with internal issues.  I'm trying to be as dry and bureaucratic as possible, while still having some dry humor here and there.  This pamphlet is more about story, than actual sex. 
I start out the first page text in top apparatchik form, with instructions on how to place the pamphlet itself, inside the Temple.  I follow it up with more red tape, essentially explaining why the pamphlet exists, and giving an incredibly dry description of what the pamphlet contains.  The most interesting thing here, is the breakdown of specific charges.  I didn't want to make them separate colors, but I needed them to be easily distinguishable, since they aren't real charges, and nobody's going to really know where one ends, and the next one begins.  In retrospect, I could highlighted them, and I might go back and do that for the Omnibus, but who knows?

The second page picture is where the "fun" really starts.  This set is by Saigado, by the way, and I'll probably be using more of his stuff, where I can find it.  He does a lot of Shota.  Fun fact, he actually did the character designs for Boku no Pico.  This first pic is mostly just to set up the story.  There are 2 pics where the girl isn't actually present, but I won't be using those, since they're technically Yaoi, and also, because nobody in-universe really cares about the 2 boys.  This entire thing is just a power grab, for the Malmo Temple's High Priestess.  She's after the daughter of the Uppsala Temple's HP.  If you're interested in the Malmo/Uppsala dispute, you can check the Omnibus, in /Misc/Propaganda/jenniletter.txt .  It's kinda near the bottom, I think.
Anyway, the text here continues the "story", basically explaining who the characters are, and why they're together.  It also goes a bit into the reasoning of why this is a court case.  Basically, when I said that boys and men can't fuck, I wasn't being totally honest didn't realize how uninteresting that is, from a narrative perspective.  So here, I clarify what the rules are.  Really, boys and men can't fuck is a decent, hard and fast, rule, that young converts can understand.  But it's not the full story.  Boys and men can fuck, as long as they follow the rules.  There will be other rules, when we get to the fucking, but for now, on this page, there's just this one.  I like that I kind of made the charges themselves bullshit, since the boys are only 4 months outside of the 'grace period', and they've actually been together, for a while.  So the lawsuit itself is supposed to seem a bit frivolous.  This is because it's politically motivated, but we'll get to that next block.

The third page shows us the vile Olander.  By the way, yes, these people are all Swedes.  Just... dark haired, Japanese looking Swedes.  The guy here looks a little older than 14, but whatevs, I kind of just say that he's had a growth spurt.  Plus, you remember that one kid who had like a full beard and moustache in 8th grade?  Let's just say Olander is that kid. 
The text continues the story, tries to paint Olander in as bad a light as possible, and establishes another little caveat, to the "no men and boys" rule.  Basically, a gap of 6 years is okay, as long as the sex is non-penetrative.  This is one of those "physical edicts" that are being talked about, in the first quote.  I feel like these rules kind of give the Lilians more of an "organized religion" feel, rather than just a "psycho cult" feel.  They are a psycho cult, but they're a psycho cult with rules.  I like that I was able to (mostly) include the "ranks" of all involved parties.  It gives this whole thing more of a "court martial" feel, which is essentially what it's supposed to be.

The last page of this little block comes right before things get yaoi, between the two boys.  I like that the girl is making her presence known in this scene, it kind of gives her a nicer vibe.  Like she's kind of there for the boy, and not for the "man".  It's always an interesting dynamic, with mmf bisexual stuff.  There's a lot to think about, with the genre.
The text largely focuses on addressing why the girl is even in the scene.  Sure, she's dressed him up, and presumably dilated him slightly, and given him an enema, but why is she sticking around?  Well, that's what this page is for.  I imagine things like this would probably happen on a pretty regular basis.  I mean, with all this woman on boy going around, and such a friendly attitude towards the logbutt, of course boys would start getting into men, and of course girls would start getting into men, and of course men, would start getting into boys and girls.  I'm not going to go into the whole lolicon thing here, although there is the very real question of, "how do the Lilian lolis learn to dominate dudes".  Maybe I'll cover it at some point, maybe not.  I'm not sure.  But anyway, It's not unrealistic to think that a female Lilian, understanding that the dudes are probably just going to do it anyway, would at least want to be around, to make sure everything is on the up and up.  Kind of like when parents drink with their kids.  Of course, the Malmo High Priestess doesn't feel it.


So hopefully, everyone's breakfast, lunch, or dinner, is still in their tummy, where it should be.  I'll be finishing up the sex for Mennonite Madness Beach/Black block on Wednesday, and then wrapping this pamphlet up, for Friday.  

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