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Lilian Justice [BISEXUAL] 1

This is the first part (of two) for the Lilian Justice pamphlet.  It introduces the story, and goes through about half of it.  It's bisexual. 


Will justice be served?
Will this gay get on your nerves?
The answers I seek
Will be here by next week


Intro - 19940812CC06P
Note for Temple Librarian/Secretary : Court Documents are to be stored in triplicate.  One copy goes to the Office of High Priestess, another goes to the Temple's Archive, while the final one goes to the SCHOLARSHIP section of the Temple's Library.  /// This booklet is designed to fulfill the requirements of the 1981 symposium on Openness in Temple Affairs.  It makes public the *PROSECUTION* of the case brought forth by KATJA SORENSSON against UPPSALA TEMPLE, INGRID LUNDQUIST, and JONAS OLANDER.  This case was heard on AUGUST 12, 1994.  The prosecution asserts in this case, that all defendants engaged in acts of Counter-Revolution, and Egregious Jehovism.  Additional charges include Misuse of Temple Property, Improper Stewardship, and Incitement offenses.  The Uppsala Temple itself, was charged with Dissemination of Counter-Revolutionary Materials, in addition to the aforementioned (general) crimes.  The breakdown of the charges themselves, is below.

Facilitating a Counter-Revolutionary Act on Temple Property [C]
Inciting a Slave to Counter-Revolution
Inciting a Minor to Counter-Revolution
Misuse of Temple Property [C]
Improper Stewardship [C]
Willful Counter-Revolution
Egregious Jehovism

Commission of a Counter-Revolutionary Act
Egregious Jehovism
Misuse of Temple Property [C]

Improper Stewardship [C]
Dissemination of Counter-Revolutionary Materials [C]
Egregious Jehovism

What follows is the PROSECUTION package, delivered to the 184th General Temple Congress.

0032 - The first thing that the prosecution must acknowledge, is that the actions of Priestess Lundquist and her slave, are by no means rare.  Our Goddess celebrates the concept of Brotherly Love in Chapter 38 of her Gospel.  Many young boys will fall in love, and sometimes, their ages don't match up.  Often, one boy will hit 13, and his boyfriend is still 12.  Our Goddess, in her wisdom, understands this, and in verse 82, she states, "Boys in love should not feel burdened by my edicts, but liberated, and protected.  As long as all physical edicts are obeyed, a gap of up to 24 months, between a boy and his male "adult" lover, is of little concern."  The prosecution notes, however, that the gap in age between the two boys here, was *28* months.  In the figure provided by the prosecution, we can see that the victim, Acolyte Soren Kron, was prepped and dressed for sex, by Priestess Lundquist.  He was placed in a "schoolgirl" costume, to be presented to Slave Olander, as a Solstice gift.  Again, this is not an uncommon practice, and the defense has stated that in Solstices previous, Acolyte Kron was clothed in Chinese Dresses, String Bikinis, and Formal Gowns.  Clearly, he enjoys crossdressing.  However, Priestess Lundquist should *not* have encouraged this act.  By dressing Acolyte Kron, she gives her approval to this act, and assists in both planning, and execution. 

0033 - In the figure provided, which *was* officially distributed, in the Uppsala Temple's June 1994 Bounty of Lilith publication, depicts both defendants, Slave Olander, and Priestess Lundquist, clearly conspiring to commit an illegal sex act, upon Acolyte Kron.  Kron appears hesitant, which the defense attributes to his superb acting skills.  The prosecution is prepared to acknowledge this possibility, but posits one of its own.  Acolyte Kron has previously displayed an exemplary understanding of the texts of Our Goddess, and it can be assumed, that he is well aware of the illegal nature of the act.  His reticence could very easily be caused by his unwillingness to go against his Dear Goddess' wishes.  Poor Kron is being compelled to commit a counter-revolutionary act, by his Steward, Priestess Lundquist, and his lover, Slave Olander.  Slave Olander appears unfazed by the victim's hesitation, caring only for his own personal pleasure.  He strokes himself openly, clearly excited by the idea of penetrating his victim, and this enthusiasm is encouraged, by his Steward and Mistress, Priestess Lundquist.  The prosecution must acknowledge the defense's argument, that this scene, while questionable, is by no means counter-revolutionary.  Our Goddess, in verse 16, states, "Non penetrative sexual exposure, between my dear boys and their older brothers, is beautiful, and often educational.  It pleases me to witness these moments, but the gap in age between the participants, *cannot* exceed 72 months."

0034 - The defense's argument largely rests on the idea that Acolyte Kron willingly participated in the act, that he enjoyed the act, and that he would have participated, even if Priestess Lundquist had been absent.  The prosecution must present an alternative view.  Photographic evidence has shown that Slave Olander has, in the past year, undergone a "growth spurt".  Slave Olander has admitted that his sexual relationship with Acolyte Kron, has been mostly nonpenetrative, since this growth spurt.  It is not unreasonable, to hypothesize that Priestess Lundquist's presence was meant to be a soothing and limiting factor, for the act.  Many older boys enjoy having sex with younger, crossdressing boys.  It's even become a bit of a cliché, in some Temples.  We all know that post-pubescent boys can get a little too excited, especially when they get something *special*.  This is why we teach subdual techniques to our Nuns, before officiating their slaveholder's charter.  Acolyte Kron, however, knows no subdual techniques.  He is substantially smaller than Slave Olander, and would be no match against him, in a fight.  The defense, with an air of condescension, has asserted that Priestess Lundquist's role in this act, was to *protect* Acolyte Kron from any "over-enthusiasm" on the part of Slave Olander.  The prosecution's rebuttal, comes straight from the words of Our Goddess.  Priestess Lundquist, as representative of the Revolutionary Commander, should have *controlled her slave*, and disallowed him the opportunity to become over-enthusiastic!

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