Friday, November 13, 2015

Lilian Justice [BISEXUAL] 2 Retrospective

Man, I got really verbose in places, here.  But that's how legalese has to be.  Anyway, I guess I like the way these came out.  It's kind of an odd fetish, overall.  Not everyone's going to dig it, but at the very least, I gave it some level of storyline significance.  So there's that.


The first page picture is somewhat interesting, since it's actually the first insertion that we get, here.  There actually was never any dialogue for these, so we'll never really know what the deal is between the young boy and the girl.  He seems to be dressed up like her, though.
This page gives a teeny tiny bit of sexual narrative, but not really.  I like that I was able to mostly kind of focus on the girl here, since she's really the only one who's on trial.  Nobody gives a shit about the boys.  I was also able to kind of establish that Olander is actually Lundquist's bonded slave.  Basically, both the young and older boy are Lundquist's slaves.  The older boy is just a regular slave, and the younger boy is her acolyte.  So she's in double trouble.

The second page is actually not the only anal sex page.  Far from it.  But I don't want to have pics where the girl isn't there, for a couple of reasons.  First, y'all don't want to see that.  But second, nobody would care.  It's Lundquist that's on trial here, not the boys.  They're basically considered to be "less than", in this context.  The things that they do aren't really their fault.  There are no bad soldiers, only bad Sergeants.  There are no bad Sergeants, only bad Lieutenants.  When slaves are involved, the shit rolls uphill.
The text here is largely designed to move the story forward, and put out a lot of different ideas, all at once.  I was kind of running out of time and space, and I didn't do that great of a job prewriting this one.  Clearly, the prosecution is taking a hard line, when it comes to responsibility.  I think it's interesting to see how harsh the Lilians can actually be on each other.  I like the idea of a vast, mostly hidden, bureaucracy, amongst the different Lilian Temples.  

The third page picture, honestly, isn't that great, but it's what I've got.  It's kind of difficult to find bisexual /ss/ sets, to be honest.  It's just tough to know what to search for.  Nobody does "bisexual" tag, and there's often a ton of futa, that you have to wade through.  Hopefully this pic isn't too (s)extreme.
The text for this page is part outro, part culmination.  They kind of roll out the big guns here, talking about how the Acolyte is actually Temple Property, and how the Priestess is damaging him, by allowing the boy to fuck his ass.  The Gospel element is essentially designed to be an example of more specific "Physical Edicts".  The phrasing was more or less inspired by the hadiths about beard length, for muslim men.  The bit about the "living" phallus, by the way, was just so I wouldn't have to go retconning shit.  I have no clue whether this is a reasonable edict, actually.  I don't have any good dildos to test it on...

There is no fourth page picture, really.  I kind of took the logo, and put it reeeeal transparent, in the background there, but that's hardly a picture.  I spent way too long hemming and hawing over how to fit the serial number in, by the way.
The text is... verbose.  There is a lot here.  I like that I was able to kind of make it clear that the Temple Congresswomen aren't stupid, they realize that the charges are mostly BS, and they say as much.
The really fun part of the text, is the "Letter of Reprimand" portion, and anyone who's been in the military will probably recognize the "patronizing condescension" style, that the little block was written in.  I don't think I realized this when I was writing it, but I actually go downhill, in terms of actual rank.  First, the Temple itself gets blasted.  Then, Priestess Lundquist gets blasted.  Then, Slave Olander gets it, although his is substantially more reserved.  They go really easy on him, again, because the shit rolls uphill in the Lilians.  Really, the only ones who get any real punishment, is the Temple at large.  Those are some pretty harsh punishments.


So, next week, I'll be doing mostly Mennonite Madness, and most likely, I'll be doing another grimoire page on wednesday.  Expect discussion of pubic/body hair, for the grimoire page.  I need to practice making that less horrible sounding.  Anyway, hopefully you guys didn't hate this shit too much.  It was over quick, at least.  

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