Friday, November 13, 2015

Lilian Justice [BISEXUAL] 2

This is the second, and final, part of the Lilian Justice pamphlet.  It finishes up the story of our 3 intrepid bisexuals, and shows us what happened to them.


Serious Crimes
for Serious Times
I bet y'all are tired
Of these lame-ass rhymes


0035 - There are some in our Temples who would interpret the actions of the defendants as "harmless fun", or even just an "understandable mistake".  As the prosecution, our job is to oppose these views.  The figures provided, make this quite simple.  The 'misunderstanding' argument could be entertained, *if* Acolyte Kron were being serviced, by the two defendants.  The "unfortunate blunder" argument could be considered, *if* Priestess Lundquist had been focusing her attentions on passively pleasing herself, rather than actively directing the performance of the two boys.  We will see, later, that Priestess Lundquist *does*, in fact, begin to service Acolyte Kron, but in this particular figure, we see no such activity.  Here, we see what Our Goddess has designated as an *adult male*, being encouraged by his *Temple Designated Mistress*, to pressure a young boy, into oral sex.  There is zero indication that this act was reciprocated by Slave Olander, and we can clearly witness his aggressive approach, when taking oral sex, from his victim.  He is in a clearly dominant position over the boy, relaxing on a bed, while his victim kneels.  Pushing his victim's head further onto his cock.  All the while, his Steward looks on, thrilled by what she sees, offering no comfort to the victim, and making no attempt to "equalize" the situation.  The defense has cited earlier works, which assert that fellatio is not a dominant act.  The prosecution would rebut, that those works were referring to an adult female, pleasing her boy lover, or her bonded slave.  The dynamic is nowhere near the same. 

0037 - And so, we reach the 'pièce de résistance' of both the defense, and the prosecution.  The defense has argued a number of points, which we will address, in sequence.  First, the defense has posited that Acolyte Kron's facial expression, should be taken as evidence of his pleasure.  In the 1986 case of *Portland Temple vs Sister Alicia Blackwell* (19860216CC01P/D), the Temple Congress determined that a victim's personal enjoyment was *not* a factor in determining cases of Counter-Revolution.  It should also be noted, that Acolyte Kron was described, in the Defense package, as an "exemplary actor".  The second argument, is that Priestess Lundquist's actions here, display a "Distinctive Spirit of Lilian Maternalism", and therefore, disprove all allegations of Egregious Jehovism.  While the prosecution does recognize that her actions here do display some level of fondness, they do not necessarily prove any Maternalistic feeling, on the part of the defendant.  Jehovan Priests have, at times, fellated their victims.  Does this prove that the Spirit of Lilith resides within them?  The crux of the prosecution's argument resides here, as well.  Clearly, we are witnessing an act of Counter-Revolution.  Anyone familiar with the laws of Our Goddess, can see that.  This act was recorded, by another Acolyte, and released in the Midsummer Bounty of Lilith.  This was meant to be an *example* to the youths of Uppsala!  As Priestess Lundquist is chief editor, she is responsible for any possible incitement, that her actions have caused. 

0039 - The prosecution has already proven that *multiple* laws of Our Goddess, were broken, during this act.  Clearly, the Temple itself has displayed a shameful lack of stewardship, in both property management, and in proper dissemination practices.  There is another charge, however, that must be addressed.  The counter-revolutionary nature of this act, is blatant and obvious.  The fact that Temple Property was used in this way, was abhorrent.  But when we discuss "Temple Property", we are not *only* referring to the four walls of the Temple itself.  We are also referring to the victim, here.  Acolyte Kron.  During the Acolyte training process, we teach the physical edicts of Our Goddess, as they apply to anal insertion.  Our Goddess has been quite gracious, with her edicts.  In The Gospel of Our Goddess, boys are given a very simple test, to determine whether they can have sex.  "My dear boys must take care, in their lovemaking.  A living phallus, longer than the distance between the smallest boy's longest fingertip, and his wrist, or thicker than his middle three fingers, must *never* be anally inserted".  This extremely important physical edict, was totally ignored by the defendants.   Each Acolyte, when choosing a strap-on for his client's enjoyment, will ensure that it fits the aforementioned criteria.  To do otherwise, would surely be an affront to Our Goddess, as the edict was written to *protect* the boy, from the health issues associated with excessive stretching.  The fact that this edict was disregarded, is at best, an act of Improper Stewardship, at worst, an act of Egregious Jehovism, and most definitely, a Misuse of Temple Property. 

outro - The 184th General Temple Congress has heard, and understood, the arguments of both the Prosecution and Defense.  Before the charges can be officially resolved, however, a statement must be made.  It is obvious, to all concerned, the politically sensitive nature of this case.  It is even more obvious, that the *only* reason High Priestess Sorensson has brought these charges forward, is to inhibit the future promotion of Priestess Lundquist, within her own Temple, and to weaken the Uppsala Temple, overall.  On numerous occasions during the investigation of this crime, the prosecution has made use of wild extrapolations, coercive interrogation techniques, and unorthodox evidence gathering, to form its case.  Of particular note, is the use of both an aphrodisiac, *and* a penis enlargement pump, to artificially *increase* the size of Slave Olander's member.  With that said, a crime *has* taken place, and Our Goddess' edicts *must* be upheld.  The official release of these images, by the Uppsala Temple's media division, was a deplorable show of Improper Stewardship.  The materials themselves celebrate Counter-Revolution, and should never have been disseminated officially.  The act itself was Counter-Revolutionary, and it occurred within the Uppsala Temple.  The act was facilitated by Priestess Lundquist, who displayed an incredible degree of ineptitude, by participating in such an act.  She was either incapable of, or unwilling to, execute her right of Stewardship over Slave Olander.  She refused to protect Acolyte Kron from the illicit desires of both himself, and his lover.  She refused to properly administrate the Temple Property, that both Acolyte Kron, and Slave Olander, represent.  As a Slave-Holding, Acolyte-Managing, Priestess, this is totally unacceptable.  Slave Olander, though young, is old enough to be responsible for his own actions.  He allowed his lusts to take over, and while no permanent damage was caused, to Acolyte Kron, his actions still represent a Misuse of Temple Property.  For the crime of Facilitating a Counter-Revolutionary Act on Temple Property, Priestess Lundquist is hereby demoted to the rank of Nun, with a 10 year probationary promotion freeze.  For the crime of Misuse of Temple Property, Priestess Lundquist is ordered to pay 10,000 USD, to the Temple Congress General Treasury Account.    For the crime of Improper Stewardship, Priestess Lundquist is to be suspended from all official Temple duties, and blacklisted from all Acolyte Programs, for no less than 6 months.  For the crime of Misuse of Temple Property, Slave Olander's Temple Designated Mistress is ordered to pay 2,000 USD, to the Temple Congress General Treasury Account.  For the crime of Improper Stewardship, The Uppsala Temple is hereby placed on Observer Status in the General Temple Congress, and removed from all official committees.  For no less than 12 months, 80% of all Acolyte Program funds, must be deposited into the Temple Congress General Treasury Account.  For the crime of Dissemination of Counter-Revolutionary Materials, an 8 month embargo on official Lilian materials, will be levied against the Uppsala Temple.  Counter-Revolution must never be permitted to take root in our Temples, and we certainly hope that all involved parties have learned a lesson from this unfortunate event.  

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