Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Mennonite Madness Black and Blue Outro/Intro

This is the Outro for Black, and the Intro for Blue.  It more or less just wraps things up with the Black story, and introduces the Blue story.


Attack on the Blacks
Blue's Subterfuge


105_kaho_tatie_13 - I'm so glad my girls stuck to the program, this time.  Elijah, really, was more of a bonus, than anything else.  His parents weren't pulling from Social Security, they were high up in the local Mennonite Church, so their cash came from the tithing of the parishioners.  We'd made a deal with the Mormons, earlier, and Elijah was a big part of it.  Elijah's mother ran the Mennonite Home Schooling effort, which had been quite suspect, for some time.  Standardized Test results from the Mennonite Home Schools weren't unsatisfactory, but when you actually went and talked to the kids, they were, quite frankly, dumb as rocks.  Clearly, something was going on, but unless we could get one of their kids into the State Testing Facility, nobody would ever really know just how *bad* the problem was.  That's where Elijah came in.  As the son of the Utah Mennonite's "Superintendent", *he*, of all people, would at least be expected to have basic Math and Social Studies, down.  Well, as it turns out, not only was he unable to work out the proper age of the Earth, he couldn't even work out the proper age of *Utah*!  His fellow students were quickly placed in Public Schooling, and they didn't fare much better.  As part of our deal, Child Neglect packages were submitted to CPS, immediately signed, by the Lilian Priestess in charge of that office, and we set out to divy up the children, between us.  The Mormons got most of the girls, although we did keep some of the cuter ones for ourselves, and of course, *we* took the boys.  Elijah himself ended up with a pair of lesbian Nuns, both licensed teachers, in *our* Home Schooling program.  They'd been looking for a personal project, for quite some time, and Elijah fit the bill nicely.  I've been told that his education has been going quite well, now that he actually has a *reason* to go to school!

3-1-1-B -
H:You know, right when this kid introduced himself, I figured he'd be trouble.  Who names their kid, "Jedediah"?  And what's with this, "defection" act?  This isn't 1986.  We're not the Soviet Embassy. 
P:Come on, nobody picks their own name, and he *wanted* to convert.  He just didn't really know how... 
H:Well, walking into the Union Hall with a bunch of stolen accounting ledgers is *not* how you convert to our faith.  I think everyone would have been more inclined to trust him, if he'd just come in looking for a quick fuck, or even some pot.  *That's* normal.  *That's* understandable.  This whole "traitor" thing just makes him look suspicious.  Why would we trust a traitor, exactly?
P:Poor boy, I think he's one of those "too smart for his own good" types.  He figured he'd need something to prove his loyalty, so he brought us a gift.  He didn't realize that *he* was enough of a gift!
H:You're too nice, Plat.  The *real* issue with him, was that he came in trying to make deals, and demands.  That's not how it works.  You tell us what you want, and we'll *see* what we can get you.  You don't get to dictate to us, how we run Our Revolution.  *Especially* if you're some snot-nose brat, who was a devout Jehovan, 5 minutes ago. 
P:Snot-nose brat?  Jehovan 5 minutes ago?  That's a little harsh, considering that he managed to find our websites, read the *entire* Gospel, and come to believe it, without even setting foot in a Regional Temple.  *Then* he managed to figure out that we were based in the Union Hall.  He'll probably be a foreman at the plant, one day, if he can learn to submit. 

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