Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Mennonite Madness Black and Blue Outro/Intro Retrospective

These aren't really the most sexual pages in the world, but don't worry, Blue doesn't get a whole lot of buildup, before the sex scenes start. 


The first page picture is just more Secretary, with less clothing.  She'll be naked by the end of the pamphlet.
The text for Black's outro wound up being a lot less sexual than I thought it would be, but I kind of painted myself into a corner, by making his neomoms exclusive lesbians, instead of the regular hyperpeds that I usually write.  It's story, at least.  I was able to put in a bit more storyline about the Lilian/Mormon synthesis, in opposition to the Mennonites, here.  There's also a bit of storyline, about how the Lilians are totally willing to sell out little girls, in order to get what they want (more boys).  There's also a bit more about the subterfuge that the Lilians are willing to use, in order to get rid of "problem parents".  I also managed to restate that the Lilians are in charge of CPS.  I'll explore their power a bit more, in the next retrospective, the one for Blue.

The second page picture had a bit of work done on it.  Just faces, really.  It's nice to get some more panty shots, I guess, but I kind of wish they'd been wearing different panties.  Kind of.  I had a different panty picture, but it would have been more work to implement, and I guess I just didn't really think about it, until now.  I like that the girls look really skeptical, here.
The text for Blue's intro kind of centers around how neither of them are particularly interested in Blue.  Even Platinum is a little less enthusiastic, than she normally is.  Honey thinks he's trouble, and he will be, later, but that's for the outro.  Platinum is a bit more forgiving, seeing as how he actually jumped through a lot of hoops, just to get a meet with them.  They're both ready to show him who's boss, so I'm thinking that I'll try to have the next few pics be a bit more on the "femdom" side.  It should be easy, since I'm pretty sure that's how I prewrote it. 


Next up, on either thursday or friday, I'll be doing the second Blue set, for Mennonite Madness.  Next week will probably be Grimoire pages, with a Madness set (possibly the last sexual one) in between.  

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