Thursday, November 12, 2015

Mennonite Madness Black Cherrypop

This is the Cherrypop block for Black's Mennonite Madness story.  It essentially rounds out the story, by (finally) giving Black a taste of the girls' pussies. 


It took long enough
For our girls to get stuffed


2-5-1 -
P:You know, there's just something about watching some coked out boy, fuck like an animal, that really turns me on!  I always love teaching the chapter on orgy drugs.  Seeing that sort of single-minded fixation...  It's great!
H:Ever the voyeur, huh?  Well it *feels* even better than it looks!  Once Elijah worked out that fucking me was an option, he was all over it, skipping everything even *resembling* foreplay, and pounding away, like he'd never get another chance.
P:I could tell, he was positively *flying*!  The joy in his eyes, when you bent over for him, the lust, when you slowly, sensually, pulled your panties down, and then...  Well, it was amazing!  He was over to you in a flash, ramming his cock home, pretty much just *falling* over onto your back, and then pumping it in and out of you, wrapping his arms around your waist, grabbing your tits like a pair of handlebars, and crying out for his mommy, the whole time!  
H:It's great, having them *really* let go, like that.  You know, as much as I *do* love playing the domme, there's just something wonderful about having a sweet boy just... *take* what he needs!
P:Oh please, *as if* you weren't still playing the domme, there.  He was a total fuckslave at that point, doped out of his mind, only able to think in one, very *specific* direction...  He would have done anything, just to get into that warm hole, and once the little moth was in your web, he *definitely* wasn't going anywhere!

2-6-4 -
H:They call me *Honey* for a reason, and it's *not* just about my hair!  I could tell Elijah probably wasn't going to be coming again, unless we really gave him something special, something *stimulating*. 
P:Well I know I was certainly pretty stimulated, by that point!  I was dripping, and when I finally got him into me, it was like a flood, just pouring out onto his cock!  I was *so* fucking backed up, I don't even remember how many times I got off!  I'm glad you had my back out there, giving him a little *loving* domination, because at that point, I think *I* was the fuckslave!
H:Well I always have to look after my partner in crime!  Elijah's tongue wasn't the greatest, but those big, full, lips of his were easy enough to just *grind* myself off against.  I think by the time he finally shot up into you, his little face has drenched, in my sticky, wet, honey. 
P:I was actually pretty sad to feel him squirt, since I knew he'd pretty much instantly fall out, again, afterwards.  Ah well.  After finding my bottoms, and getting Eli all dressed back up, I popped out to call The Secretary, while you gave him a little snuggle, and some of your signature "Carmex Kisses".
H:I was actually pretty surprised at just *how much* little Eli wanted to get away from his parents.  Apparently, he wasn't missing a whole lot, skipping his home-school, and with no siblings to worry about, it was a pretty easy sell.  His parents were big in the church, and they actually left him alone quite a bit, so he didn't get a lot of mothering.  When I told him that he could have *two* mothers, he perked right up, almost dancing, in my arms.  As I understand, his new mommies, were equally pleased.

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