Thursday, November 12, 2015

Mennonite Madness Black Cherrypop Retrospective

I really like the way these came out.  I think I was able to tell a great sexual narrative, while still working in the drug narrative, which is kind of the big overarching theme, in this little section.  And yes, I know, this will be the second time I've used the "boy at the beach gets drugs from a Lilian woman and fucks like crazy" story.  It's a good one.  Maybe I'll give it rest, though, the next time I do a beach scene. 


The first page picture is a really nice one.  I just wish I was able to bring it in better quality.  Anyway, I like the way that she's kind of got his arm around him, while he holds on for dear life.  It's nice. 
The text here more or less focuses on Honey, although it's done through the lens of Platinum, getting super turned on, while she watches them.  I think that was a decent way to do it, since it kind of presents the narrative in a way that the reader can really identify with. 
There's a lot of discussion here, about whether Honey or Elijah here, is the dominant one.  It's kind of an interesting question.  I think the answer would be that Honey is the dominant one, since, like Platinum said, Elijah's got a one-track mind, and is doped up.  He can't even think straight.  It's an interesting dynamic. 
The little moth comment, by the way, is inspired by this (old-ass) ASMR video, from "TheOneLilium", back when she was kind of in her "femdom internet powertrip" phase.  To be honest, she kind of strikes me as the "Lilian Convert" type.  Especially when she was in her crazy phase.

The second page picture is a fun one.  Ignore the sudden tummy piercing.  I like that Honey's looking right into Eli's eyes, here.  That's kind of a nice touch.
I go into the 'can't come on Boulder Bubble' thing again, but I don't put too much time into it.  It's more or less just a way to get Platinum involved.  A lot of this page is just outro, explaining how they get Elijah into the Temple, which I'll probably be going into more detail with, in the General Secretary's little block.  Not as much sex in this little text block as I would have liked, but I probably got enough of that in, during the last page.  And I had to give an outro somewhere.


So next up, I'll be finishing the "Lilian Justice" pamphlet.  Next week, I'll be starting Blue's block, and giving the General Secretary's general Black commentary.  For wednesday, I'll either do another Grimoire page, or like a random sex scene.  Probably a grimoire page, though.  I've got an idea that some of you will like, and some of you will hate.  The pics are nice, though.  

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