Monday, November 23, 2015

Mennonite Madness Blue Cherrypop Block

This is the final page with Honey and Platinum actually featured, in pictures.  It covers them fucking Jedidiah. 


Reverse Ganging
Tabletop Banging


3-5-1 -
P:I guess we didn't *really* have to fuck him at that point, he was more or less nice and converted, we'd done our little domination thing, we could have gone back to our apprentices, or at least popped out to check up on them.  It's probably not a good idea to leave a couple of 10 year old girls around a tied up slave, for too long...
H:What, you don't trust little Sugarbowl and Bitterroot?  I think they're very mature for their age. 
P:When you say mature, do you mean mature as in, "firm, fair, and friendly towards slaves", or mature as in, "love clawing at their chests and squeezing their ballsacks just as much as I do?"
H:Hey, why not both?  At any rate, we weren't *really* done with Jed yet, were we?  We can't send him back out into the world without sealing the deal, and that means popping his little cherry.  I'm just surprised you didn't jump at the chance, Plat.  You're normally the "share her love" type...
P:Well, to be honest, giving this boy his first taste of pussy wasn't exactly what I was worried about, right at that exact moment.  I was a bit more concerned about my slave, bound and gagged on that table, and at the mercy of "will they pop if I squeeze hard enough" Bitterroot, and "just how much *can* his ass stretch" Sugarbowl. 
H:You know, now that you mention it, those two do seem to trend towards the more *extreme* side of things...  But it's hardly an issue, really.  Jedediah didn't exactly have Olympic level stamina, and the way I was whispering in his ears, while I squeezed on his little cheeks, pushing him deeper into you...  Well, you got back to our girls, pretty quick!

3-4-1 -
H:Ah, alone at last, with little Jed.  You know, he really does grow on you, once he realizes his own position, in things.  After you left, I decided to give him another break, sitting him down in a chair, turning on some music, and giving him a little table dance, just like the old days.  It was nice, just watching him look up at me, eyes as big as quarters, cock steadily reinflating, while I waved all my "fun bits" *just* out of reach. 
P:You always did like those T&D games...
H:He's a pretty clever boy, he caught onto the whole "reach up to your goddess" thing pretty quick, and we really had a great time.  I think he's kind of an "acquired taste"...
P:That seems to be the general consensus, these days.  He's not a *bad* kid, or *untrustworthy*, he just needs time, and a good, dominant, mistress, to keep him in line. 
H:Speaking of dominant mistresses, how did your slave do with our apprentices?
P:Well, I won't go into what those little hellions actually *did* to him, but the poor baby had to spend the entire rest of the week on a soup diet, on his tummy.  We might need to reign those girls in, a bit...

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