Monday, November 23, 2015

Mennonite Madness Blue Cherrypop Retrospective

This one, honestly, got a little bit sidetracked, by the whole "apprentice" thing.  I didn't realize how many characters I was giving to that one little concept.  Oh well.  Hopefully this came out well, in spite of that.


The first page picture is pretty nice, since it gets both of the girls in on it, and it kind of gives Honey a bit more of a "nice girl" role.  I just wish it had indexed better.
The text here sort of explains what the apprentices are, which probably could have been done anywhere else in the overall storyline, and then, right at the end, talks about what's actually going on, in the picture, here.  I kind of screwed up, with this block, I think.  I should have introduced that concept somewhere else. 

The second page picture really gives Honey a nicer role, and that's kind of why I made it so big.  I really wanted to give her character a bit more nuance.  Even though she starts out disliking Blue, he really does grow on her, by the end of the set. 
The text here mostly focuses on Honey and Blue's fucking, with a little bit of foreshadowing, on Blue's story arc.  The girls are openly defending him, against the apparent bad reputation, that he's gotten himself.  We'll learn next time where that reputation came from.  I also kind of close out the storyline on the apprentices and Platinum's slave, which gives her a bit of characterization, as well.


So hopefully these came out okay, I focused a bit too much on the apprentices and I should have spread that storyline out over the course of the entire Blue block, instead of opening and closing it over the course of 2 pages.  Buuuut, it is what it is.
Next up is probably the General Secretary's outro for Blue, which will come in 2 parts, this time, and feature some sexy action between the GenSec herself, and the newly recruited Blue.  Then, on Friday, I'll most likely be closing out the pamphlet, overall, with a nice little general outro.  

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