Thursday, November 26, 2015

Mennonite Madness Blue Outro

This is the Outro for Blue's story.  It finishes off his, and the General Secretary's story arcs. 


Bad Boy Blue
Fucks the whole crew


 108_kaho_tatie_16 -
You know, when I was reading the girls' report on Jedediah, my eyes kind of glanced over the bits about how he showed up, and his original plans, and instead, zeroed in on those little brothers of his.  Getting them all into the Temple was dead easy, the Mormon District Attorney already had paperwork pending on his parents, about 8 or 9 different kinds of Tax Fraud.  Nothing federal, which simplifies things, but enough to send them both away for quite a while.  What I didn't really realize, however, was that little Jed himself, was a bit of a wild child.  Not like Marcus, who just wanted sex, or Elijah, who was mostly just after some fun.  Jedediah was the more dangerous type of untamed boy. The kind who will smile to your face for weeks, while setting up his plot to destroy you.  Imagine my surprise, and *anger*, when I got a call, in the middle of the night, from the Salt Lake City Chief of Police, asking me what this kid was doing, showing up *at his house*, with a bunch of Lilian pornography.  After agreeing to sign the Chief up for a couple more "training dummy" sessions with the Nuns and their Apprentices, I drove over to his quaint suburb, to collect my little agitator, in person.  After a bit of *very* restrained, and *distinctly* maternal, domination, I was able to bring Jedediah to heel, and at that point, I decided to take control of his stewardship, as a personal project.  His antics certainly showed us how resourceful he could be, and if if his ability was directed towards Revolution, well, he could be an extremely valuable slave.

201_CG13_1 -
P:So I guess your 'personal project' is going well?  Jedediah seems much more compliant, these days.
GS:Well he's always *seemed* compliant, but now, it's definitely more genuine.  He's taking to the Lilian Lifestyle quite well.  It took him a little while to fully grasp the concept of service, but he's getting it.  It just took a bit of time, and some nice, gentle, domination.
H:Well he's hardly the first young convert that we've had to retrain...
GS:Definitely not, but most of them don't run off to the police.  I'm just glad we have a good working relationship with their Union, *and* their Leadership.  It always pays to make those friends.
P:It's also nice to get a whack or two on the Chief of Police.  Talk about "Beating the Patriarchs"!
GS:Fun *and* productive.  I'm glad that Jedediah has finally come to understand his position in the Temple, but really, I'm even more glad to have him as my personal slave.  He's very clever, and he's a quick study, in pretty much *everything*!  Between my personal training, and his Temple Sex-Ed, he's pretty much on track to be a decent acolyte.  He won't be in the program for long, but I think it'll be good for him, both spiritually, and professionally.
H:You're really planning on making him into the next foreman at the plant, aren't you?
GS:Foreman at least!  He's certainly got the brains, and a mind for subterfuge as well, which is something that our current male plant leadership sorely lacks.
P:And best of all, he's on the *right* side, from the start!

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