Thursday, November 26, 2015

Mennonite Madness Blue Outro Retrospective

You know what pissed me off this morning?  Right as I finished these, my fucking power went out, and of course, it's taking until now for it to come back up.  Joys of Eastern Europe.  I wish this shit were a rarity.

But at least it's not the water, this time.


So, first page picture, is the General Secretary with her panties down.  It looks a little off, but I think that's just because 'bottomless' isn't really something that you see too often.  Topless, yes.  Bottomless, not so much.
The text here mostly revolves around Blue himself, and not so much his brothers.  I actually wanted to give them a little bit more 'screen time', and really, I could have done it, I have the extra characters, but I just ended up focusing on Blue himself, instead.  His story is much more interesting.  I did manage to get the whole "twins" thing in, though, and imply that twins are kind of a fetish, with the Lilians.  If I get an opportunity, later, to expand on that, I certainly will.  Actually, I think Abubu did a set exactly like that, so you might be seeing a 'shota twins' one-off, one of these wednesdays. 
I like that I was able to toss in some more corruption on the part of the Salt Lake City Infrastructure, since it kind of explains, at least somewhat, how the Lilians are actually able to survive and function.  I was also able to make use of the Apprentices in that, which adds a totally new element to the whole thing.  In my headcanon, Nuns can be as young as 16, or maybe 14, if they're really special.  14 would probably be like a provisional kind of thing, though.  A bit like a Corporal, as opposed to a Sergeant, if you're familiar with the US Army.  Able to own a slave, perhaps, but still under the official leadership of an older Nun, and not held to the same standards, as a regular nun.  So if she fucks up, or if her slave fucks up, there's less of a crisis. 
I think it's fun to play with the concept of Lilian justice, some more.  Clearly, Jedediah (why did I name him that?) fucked up, and he fucked up pretty big.  But he didn't get thrown out of the Lilians, or anything.  The General Secretary saw his potential, and took his training on, personally.  It's pretty fun to play with that stuff. 

The second page picture actually comes from a completely different Doujinaries set, that has absolutely nothing to do with the one that we've been using, and is, in fact, mostly shotadom.  I think this was one of the few vanilla-esque pictures, on offer.  Hopefully the boy looks somewhat similar.  I didn't really plan this out, well.  It was kind of a spur of the moment thing, to give the General Secretary some more screen time, and get her a sex scene, so it's not just Honey and Platinum the whole time.  Hopefully the boys look similar enough, that it's not too jarring. 
The text here gets our girls back for one last hurrah, which is nice.  They don't get too many lines, but they do a nice supporting character thing.  This is really the General Secretary's show.  The text, for the most part, gives a happy ending to the Jedediah storyline, and provides a bit of a buffer, for the General Secretary's General Outro, which will be friday's deal.  I think it's pretty cool to explore the different economic and social elements of the Lilians, and here, we see that the General Secretary is taking a proactive approach to her union-busting.  She's got big plans for Jedediah, that very well may go beyond just stacking the plant leadership with her personal fucktoys.  But I keep it somewhat vague. 
Platinum displays her ACAB sentiments here, which is fun.  I like that the General Secretary doesn't correct her at all, I think the Lilians would, generally, pretty much despise, or at least disrespect, the police overall.  I'm sure the fact that they're pretty universally able to play the fuckers like Nintendo, has something to do with it.  They prefer to handle their issues in-house, and make use of the police when it's convenient, to remove outside enemies.  That's not a relationship that garners a lot of mutual respect.  But anyway, it's a fun little thing to play with, and I don't often get to play with it. 


So, next up is the Mennonite Madness General Outro, and I'll also be releasing a couple more CD covers, because hey, I made them, so why not release them?  I'll also be updating the Omnibus.  

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