Friday, November 20, 2015

Mennonite Madness Blue's Blows

This is the Blue Handjob/Blowjob block, for the Mennonite Madness pamphlet.  It continues the story of Blue, and sets up his cherrypop scene, as well as providing a bit of foreshadowing to his overall story arc.


A helping hand for their little man
A loving lick on his tiny prick


3-2-4 -
P:I think we may have been a little too hard on him.  I mean, he pretty much burst into tears, Honey!
H:Oh please, when exactly, are we *not* hard on our boys?  We're not supposed to be gushy supermoms, we're supposed to be revolutionaries, and we *have* to teach these boys to submit.  Jed needed discipline, and he needed it fast.  It's better to do it earlier, than later, and really, we *should* have been even more harsh.  You do realize what he tried to do, right?
P:Yes Honey, I *do* read my emails.  I just think a softer approach would have been a bit more prudent.  You know, *ease* him into the submission.  Not give him an agonizingly slow and stimulating hanjob with your panties, and telling him that we'll tell his father what he did, if he comes...
H:Well, maybe the bit about ratting him out was a little far, but really, he had to learn!  And don't tell me that you weren't enjoying his cute little sobs, as much as I was.  You're a sucker for that shit.  I saw you back there, giving him a little ass and ball massage, kissing on his cheeks, and stroking his thighs.  I wouldn't have been so mean if I didn't have you around to give that little bit of TLC. 
P:Hey, somebody has to give these boys a taste of the *love* that they're going to get with us!

3-3-1 -
H:Didn't I tell you that dominating him from the start, was the *right* choice?  Once he's in that nice, submissive little sub-space, we can *pamper* and *please* him, like you always try to do. 
P:I have to say, it was nice, finally being able to kiss away his tears, smooch and lick my way down his pretty little body, and finally show him what Our Goddess' love is *really* about.  I'm just surprised you got in on the anal action!  You're usually not one to give a boy that sort of treatment.
H:Well, it was more of a "balls and taint" kind of thing, but I figured hey, what the hell, might as well give this boy the full experience, right?  I'd tortured him enough at that point, and it's always good to show that duality.  Gentle but firm, right?  Submission should *always* have its rewards! 
P:Well reward him we did, even *after* our trademark, 'double your pleasure' blowjob...  It was really nice, just having him in between us like that, with me in front, getting his little head in my bosom, and running my fingers through his soft hair, and you behind, gently stroking and tickling his soft thighs and tummy.  I think he liked that, a lot. 
H:Hey, as "nice" as it was, the *real* point of doing all that, was to get him to open up.  We needed to learn about his family, and I'm glad we did, since *that* was the part where he told us about his 5 little brothers...

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