Friday, November 20, 2015

Mennonite Madness Blue's Blows Retrospective

This one was relatively easy to write, and I'm glad that I'm getting a bit of foreshadowing in, with each of his blocks.  I've got some neat plans for his story arc, that I think you guys will find interesting.

Oh by the way, because there seems to be a tiny bit of confusion, among at least one of you, I'm just going to say this flat out.  The Lilians do not, have never, and will never, actually exist.  If they do exist, I'm not involved.  This is a story, and these are fictional characters


The first page picture really captures some of the domination that Honey likes, with Blue kind of crying, and Honey not really giving a shit.  We don't see Platinum's face here, which gave me the opportunity to make her a bit more sympathetic.  It's a nice dichotomy.
The text is pretty standard.  There's a little bit of sexual narrative, but it's the usual kind, pretty referential in nature, and not exactly a linear narrative.  We get to see Honey and Platinum's different style when it comes to the boys, again, but we also get to see that their styles kind of play off of one another, and they work as a team, to get what they (and the Temple) want.  It's a really fun way of doing things, and I like that I'm really going to miss these characters, once I finish with this pamphlet.

The second page picture is waaay more sexual in nature, and shows the girls giving what is somewhat implied to be kind of a standard thing, for them.  I like that you get to see Platinum's thong here, that's a nice touch.
The text is much more of a linear narrative, which is good.  Gotta keep that story chugging along.  I like that I was able to soften the two of them up, near the end, and kind of lead into the next few pages, in a way that makes sense.  The boy would have come, at some point in all this, so it's good to show what they're doing in between.  Plus, I was able to get the "5 brothers" plot point out there.  I know I said this earlier, but I'm planning a really nice character arc for Blue, and one that will finally get the General Secretary in on the fun.


So this week didn't quite go as planned, but next week, I'll be doing the Grimoire pages that I was supposed to do this week, and then I'll be doing the cherrypop scene for Mennonite Madness, on wednesday.  What I might do, though, is just do one Grimoire page on wednesday, and then finish out the Mennonite Madness pamphlet, by friday.  We'll see what happens.  Now that I know what I'm doing for the ending, I'm kind of excited, and I want to do it a little quicker.

But yeah guys, fictional characters.  It's not even a cover your ass thing, this stuff is not real, and it never should be.  It's a fun little story, but if people start taking it too seriously, I'll have to move on to other projects.  So please, keep your talk of "the blessings of Lilith's light" to a minimum.  I know this stuff is appealing.  I wrote it to be appealing.  But it's not real.  It's just a story.

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